15Gender Swap: Lorraine's French contact is a woman, not a man

Sofia Boutella as Delphine Lasalle in Atomic Blonde

Like the best gender swaps, though, the character isn’t really rewritten. Delphine Lasalle may be Pierre Lasalle in the graphic novel, but their experiences are fairly similar and unchanged. Both characters are seen following Lorraine when she arrives in Berlin. Both run into her at a bar (though where Delphine makes

their second meeting a night club, Pierre invites her to his restaurant), and both end up having an affair with Lorraine that makes them a target to be killed.

Lorraine finds Pierre’s body – he was murdered, and not by Perceval – but in the movie, we’re made to see Delphine’s struggle to survive, after Perceval breaks-in to strangle her. The added kicker, that's not in the book, is Lorraine's right outside Delphine’s apartment. A few seconds longer and she might’ve been able to save her.

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