Atomic Blonde 2 Still Being Discussed, May Be Made By Streaming Service

Atomic Blonde director David Leitch says Atomic Blonde 2 is still being discussed and could be made by a streaming service. Released in 2017, the Cold War-set spy thriller was adapted from Antony Johnston’s graphic novel The Coldest City and starred Charlize Theron as Lorraine Broughton - an MI6 agent on a mission in Berlin to recover a stolen list of double agents. Gritty yet hyper-stylish, Atomic Blonde was one of the best movies of 2017 and boasts some of the most show-stopping fight sequences in recent memory.

There’s been interest in a follow-up film from the get-go. In fact, even before Atomic Blonde was released theatrically, Leitch said he hoped to make a sequel. Last year, it seemed like things might be moving forward with that plan when Theron confirmed at the San Francisco International Film Festival that an Atomic Blonde sequel was in the works, although she didn’t give away any further details than that. Since then, there’s been little news about when we might see Lorraine Broughton grace the big screen again.

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But it seems Atomic Blonde 2 hasn’t been completely abandoned after Leitch confirmed with Slashfilm that a sequel was still being discussed and a certain streaming service had expressed interest in making it. Leitch declined to offer any further information as to which streaming platform was involved but did say a sequel was in development:

“I think there is [still talk of a sequel]. I don’t know all the details. I was a work-for-hire on that movie, but at the end of the day, Kelly McCormick - my producing partner and my wife - she will be involved, I’m sure, as a producer. That’s how I got the gig in the first place. We’ll see.”

Charlize Theron in Atomic Blonde

Leitch’s statement to Slashfilm is pretty noncommittal and he doesn’t mention whether he’ll be involved in the sequel either. That could simply be because it’s still in the very early stages of development and Leitch is pretty busy too, having recently signed on to direct adaptations of both the video game The Division and the graphic novel Undying Love. Likewise, Theron has a lot going on at the moment too. She’s currently working on both Fast & Furious 9 and The Old Guard, and there’s talk of a Furiosa-focused Mad Max: Fury Road spinoff happening in the not too distant future as well.

Having said that, Leitch has stated in the past that he’s got plenty of ideas for a sequel and given his involvement with both Atomic Blonde and John Wick - and the stylistic similarities between the two - there’s even been talk of an Atomic Blonde-John Wick crossover movie. Not to mention that Atomic Blonde’s twist ending offers plenty of opportunities for Leitch to take a sequel in all sorts of interesting directions. The combination of Theron and Leitch was one of the biggest factors behind Atomic Blonde’s success so here’s hoping they can find time in their busy schedules to collaborate again on Atomic Blonde 2.

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Source: Slashfilm

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