What to Expect From Atlanta Season 3

Atlanta season 3 in the works, but its premiere date has been delayed - so what can fans expect from the upcoming season? FX’s hit comedy series was created by actor and comedian Donald Glover and explores the ups and down of two cousins in Georgia’s capital city, Atlanta. Glover also stars in Atlanta and portrays a business-savvy Princeton dropout, Earn, while Brian Tyree Henry plays his cousin, Alfred - a rising hip-hop star known as Paper Boi. The two struggle with finances, business setbacks, and racism.

During the Atlanta season 2 finale, the “Robbin’ Season” premise ends with a shocking climax. Before leaving the U.S. for a European tour, Earn forgets to remove a gun from his backpack. He’s worried about losing his managing job, so he makes a calculated move. He plants the gun in a bag owned by the rapper Clark County. Once on the plane, Earn learns the gun was planted in the bag of Clark’s manager, Luke. Paper Boi explains to Earn that he knows what he did, and why.

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Atlanta, like many of FX's other shows, doesn't adhere to a traditional airing schedule. Rather, the studio and producers take their time in making a new season instead of pushing out new episodes every fall or spring. So, while Atlanta season 1 premiered in September 2016, Atlanta season 2 debuted in March 2018, with 2017 being a gap year. Unfortunately, it seems that schedule is going to remain in place for Atlanta season 3 as well. Taking everything into account, here's what he know and can expect from Atlanta season 3.


Donald Glover Atlanta Robbin' Season FX

FX renewed Atlanta for season 3 back in June 2018 - one month after Atlanta season 2 concluded, which is a typical timeline for returning TV shows. With Atlanta, FX offers creative freedom to Glover and company, thus making the production process more unique than other TV shows. After two seasons, Atlanta has earned various accolades, including two Golden Globe wins and five Primetime Emmy Awards. When FX renewed Atlanta for season 3, production wasn't expected to immediately begin. For example, season 2 premiered 16 months after the season 1 finale. If Atlanta season 3 follows the same schedule, the next episode would theoretically premiere in September 2019 - but that may not happen.


Donald Glover in Atlanta

In early February, FX CEO John Landgraf revealed that Atlanta’s season 3 production had been delayed. The primary reason cited was the cast’s work schedules - most notably Glover, who's in the middle of his This is America music tour - and then noted that FX focuses on quality first. As a result, Atlanta may not return until 2020. The good news, however, is that FX appears to be taking the process seriously, which is fundamental to the high quality writing, acting, and directing.


Donald Glover and Bryan Tyree Henry in Atlanta Season 1 Episode 1

At this point, Atlanta fans can expect the season 3 narrative to pick up during Earn and Paper Boi’s European tour. Based on the Atlanta season 2 finale, Earn has become more decisive about his personal and professional life, though insecurities loom within his mind. The airport fiasco in season 2 emphasizes the idea that Earn must essentially “play the game," however the character's spontaneous choices may have negative long-term effects. Earn's girlfriend, Van, and her daughter, Lottie, inform his practical decisions, but he still must choose what kind of man he wants to be - a father first or a ruthless industry insider who manipulates the system to his advantage. For now, all we can do is speculate since Atlanta season 3 likely won’t premiere in 2019.

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