Atlanta: Robbin’ Season Trailer: Donald Glover Is Back In One of TV's Best

After a lengthy wait, FX finally offers up a good look at Atlanta: Robbin’ Season, which brings about the return of the award-winning series from creator and star Donald Glover. After making a splash with the series premiere in 2016, it was announced that although a second season had indeed been green-lit, the show wouldn’t return until almost a year later, due mostly to Glover’s busy schedule, which included gloriously rocking a fur coat in a galaxy far, far away as the young Lando Calrissian in Solo: A Star Wars Story. As it turns out, however, Glover wasn’t the only one with a high-profile franshise film on their schedule, as his co-star Zazie Beetz also lined up the plum role of Domino in the Deadpool sequel.

Despite their busy schedules, Glover, Beetz, as well as Brian Tyree Henry and Lakeith Stanfield are ready to head back to Atlanta next month for the anticipated return of the series; one that, from the title of it, anyway, promises viewers something a little different from the first go-round. Titled Robbin’ Season, Atlanta season 2 moves away from the “this show can be anything at any time” model it adopted in season 1 to tell a series of interconnected stories set around Christmastime in Atlanta.

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The concept, Glover remarked at the 2018 TCA winter press tour, was partly inspired by Tiny Toons’ ‘How I Spent My Summer Vacation,’ with the idea being all of the episodes watched separately told individual stories, but when watched together formed a cohesive whole, like a movie. How that will play out is anyone’s guess, but from the official trailer released by FX today, it looks as though Atlanta is set to bring back everything that made it such a hit in the first place.

Donald Glover Atlanta Robbin' Season FX

The trailer appears to pick up close to where season 1 left off, with Alfred “Paper Boi” Miles (Henry) on the cusp of stardom, while his cousin Earn Marks (Glover) is busy learning to be his manager. It looks as though Paper Boi is dealing with some the less appealing aspects of becoming successful, as he disinterestedly records a promo for a local radio station. Meanwhile, Earn and Darius (Stanfield) look on at a crime scene where the latter remarks on Robbin' Season, saying, “Everybody gotta eat.” 

Though it works to explain the season’s title, the trailer is most effective at demonstrating the show’s strong sense of place and atmosphere, as well as its unpredictability, thanks in large part to the direction of Hiro Murai, who is behind the camera of the vast majority of the series’ episodes. In all, it’s an enticing look at one of this year’s most anticipated returning shows that, along with the final season of The Americans and the premiere of Danny Boyle's Trust makes for a strong March for FX.

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Atlanta: Robbin’ Season premieres Thursday, March 1 on FX.

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