You Can Pre-Order Atari's New Console Later This Month

Atari VCS Console

It's been a long time coming, but Atari has now put a date on pre-order availability for its new console. The Atari VCS was initially teased by the classic games company back in 2017, although at the time it was known as the Ataribox, and many were intrigued to see exactly what this new Atari system would be like.However, it wasn't before long that Atari was explaining that it was much more than just a retro console.

Instead, when the Atari VCS was first announced, it became clear that Atari was trying to do something a little different from just throwing a load of old games onto a device. Instead, the Atari VCS has been lauded by the company as offering up a modern experience, with app functionality for the likes of Netflix and a library of more than just classic Atari games. However, it's fair to say that interested gamers were still after a little more information.

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Nonetheless, Atari is pushing forward with its schedule even though all the details are not available just yet. The company has confirmed that Atari VCS pre-orders are going to be starting at the end of this month, with purchasers able to order a console via the platform's IndieGoGo page from May 30, 2018. When the pre-sale launch begins, Atari has promised that further specifics regarding the Atari VCS will also be released.

Atari VCS Orange

In terms of prices, the Atari VCS is initially going to be available to pre-order from $199, although the various different editions have yet to be established. Users will be able to pick up the Atari VCS Collector's Edition for a limited time, which is the version of the console with the wood finish, alongside the black Atari VCS Onyx version. However, would-be players will still need to wait a while longer for the console's release, which is planned for Spring 2019.

There are some further details on the Atari VCS that have also been revealed. Of particular interest is the fact that the console comes bundled with an Atari Vault, which includes over 100 classic Atari games such as Asteroids, Missile Command, and Centipede. As such, that will scratch that nostalgic itch for those after an Atari retro box.

That said, pre-order customers will most likely want some more details about the console before they are willing to commit. After all, at the moment the only truly confirmed content for the Atari VCS is a back catalog of Atari classic games, and even at the cheapest price of $199 players will want more from their console than that. Hopefully, come May 30 everyone will have a much better idea of what to expect from the system.


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