Astro Boy Trailer Blasts Off

The first Astro Boy trailer is already out, but we at Screen Rant never posted it because apparently I'm the only Astro Boy enthusiast on staff, and I didn't know the trailer was out until yesterday. No matter though, for those of you who have been curious about how the CGI adaptation of Astro Boy is shaping up, I have the trailer solely for your viewing pleasure.

Ok, so a few things to talk about. First, the animation is pretty good! Certainly not better than say, the trailer for Pixar's UP (which blew me away), but pretty good.

And ok, maybe this trailer doesn't give you all the robot-on-robot smackdown action we've been promised Astro Boy is going to deliver, but it does a good job of showing you who the loveable main character is (Astro Boy), what he's all about (roboting it up) and the sort of visual eye-candy we can expect from the film. The music (which I think might be Astro Boy's theme) is also pretty cool. Verdict: I'm still psyched for this film.

Here's the rundown on Astro Boy, in case you don't know:

In a distant future, a brilliant inventor (voiced by Nicholas Cage) creates the world’s ultimate battle robot, in the guise of his dead son. Hoping to win his “father’s” affections, Astro Boy sets off on a heroic journey, battling other robot gladiators and defending Metro City from the villains who would destroy it. He even manages to find a girlfriend along the way (voiced by Kristen Bell).

Astro Boy is currently slated for release on October 23, 2009. In addition to Cage and Bell, the film will feature the voice work of Donald Sutherland, Nathan Lane, Bill Nighy and Eugene Levy, with Freddie Highmore (The Spiderwick Chronicles) voicing Astro Boy. David Bowers (Flushed Away) is directing a script  written by Timothy Harris (Trading Places, Kindergarten Cop).

Let us know what you think about the trailer.

Source: Hulu

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