Astro Boy Release Date Announced

We haven't gotten much reader response to any posts about Astro Boy in the past, but maybe that will all change now that details about the film are being set in stone.

The latest news is that Astro Boy will be released on October 23, 2009. The CGI film will follow the original manga/anime's tale about a far-off future in which a brilliant scientist creates a revolutionary new robot to replace his dead son-a robot who is able to kick major butt while searching for a meaning to his existence. Think of it as Pinocchio meets Transformers.

(Details from the official press release follow.)

Astro Boy is coming to theaters courtesy of Imagi Studios (V For Vendetta) and Summit Entertainment. It will feature the voice work of Nicolas Cage, Donald Sutherland, Nathan Lane, Bill Nighy and Eugene Levy, with Freddie Highmore (The Spiderwick Chronicles) in the title role. Hottie Kristin Bell will voice the part of Astro Boy's love interest. David Bowers (Flushed Away) is directing and the script was written by Timothy Harris (Trading Places, Kindergarten Cop).

Never fear, those over the age of ten: Astro Boy is being marketed to both young and old moviegoers alike.

For those not already in the know, Astro Boy was created in the 1950's (back when Screen Rant's own Vic Holtreman was still the tender age of 40--Zing!) by Osamu Tezuka--a man affectionately referred to as the "god of manga" and the "father of anime." The character of Astro Boy has been featured in three television series aired worldwide since that time.

The heart of the upcoming film will be Astro Boy's quest to find acceptance in a human world--especially the acceptance of his "father," Dr. Tenma (Nicholas Cage), who rejects his creation when it becomes clear that the powerful robot will never be a suitable replacement for the son he lost. Along that emotional journey Astro Boy will battle robot gladiators and other villains who threaten his home of Metro City, thereby earning his place as a hero, as well as his father's love. (Sniffle)

If the original teaser poster for the film is any indication, I'm thinking that Astro Boy just might turn out to be a pretty cool movie. But what do you think?

Source: Slash Film

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