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Last year, the Assassin's Creed movie sadly continued the trend of video-game adaptations failing at the box office, with reviewers eviscerating the film - it maintains a Rotten Tomatoes score of 17 percent. Despite a phenomenal cast, expensive CGI, and a beloved game with a huge fanbase, Assassin's Creed was a flop - putting its potential sequel on the line. It's still possible that Regency and Ubisoft will attempt a follow up in order to build this movie into a franchise, but that's not looking likely for Fassbender's Assassin.

However, it looks like this may not be the end for Assassin's Creed's shot at another adaptation, with the news that Ubisoft is looking to develop the property into a TV series instead.

During a Reddit AMA, head of content for the game at Ubisoft Aymar Azaizia answered some questions about the next installment in the game, the fate of the franchise, and the possibility of a television series. Azaizia confirmed that a series is in the works, but didn't give us any more details on the project.

It's like the movie guys, we will take our time, to get sure we deliver something we can be proud of, but if you wonder if it's on our plan... YES

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It's likely that this could be a series developed with streaming giant Netflix, which was announced as a possibility last year. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said in November that the company was "in talks" with Netflix over a series, which would presumably be an adaptation of one of their game franchises. There is also no word on whether or not a series would be a live-action or an animated show, with either being a possibility. Live-action is far more expensive to make than animation, but would potentially bring in more viewers. If this project is in the works with Netflix, it could be a video game adaptation to compete with Netflix's live-action comic book adaptations that are doing so well.

We would love to see Assassin's Creed developed as a live-action series on Netflix, especially as the streaming giant has done such incredible work with its original series so far. Like most other story-driven games, it makes a lot of sense to tell the Assassin's Creed story in an ongoing, episodic format, rather than trying to cram the entire plot into a two-hour movie. However, this is still in development, and there is no confirmation that the planned series would be with Netflix or in live-action, so that is just speculation for now. We'll keep you informed as more news on this project develops.

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There is no release date attached to an Assassin's Creed series as of yet.

Source: Aymar Azaizia

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