Assassin's Creed Odyssey's Legacy Of The First Blade DLC Concludes Today

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Fans of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey can now play the third and final entry of the Legacy of the First Blade DLC. The episodic trilogy, set after the events of the main game, largely centers on Cassandra or Alexios’ encounter with the first wielder of the Order’s iconic hidden blade. The saga began with episode 1, Hunted, back in December and continued with the second chapter, Shadow Heritage, in January.

Legacy of the First Blade marks just one piece of what Ubisoft calls its biggest post-launch roadmap for an Assassin’s Creed game to date.  Despite early promise, the DLC initially garnered backlash from fans. The outcry stemmed from how the story forced players into a heterosexual relationship, contradicting the main campaign’s freedom of sexuality. Ubisoft promised to update the Legacy of the First Blade story to respect player’s relationship choices, a decision the studio said would carry over into this final entry.

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Legacy of the First Blade Episode 3, titled Bloodline, pits the protagonist in a bloody confrontation against the villainous Order of the Ancients. The expansion also introduces a new ability for the Warrior skill branch: Fury of the Bloodline. This deadly maneuver lets players skewer opponents with an ever-increasing number of rapid strikes using the Spear of Leonidas. If that's not enough, the move also refills three adrenaline bars. Before jumping into Bloodline, players will need to have checked off a few prerequisites. First and most obvious, they’ll need to have completed Legacy of the First Blade’s first two episodes. Second, their character must have reached level 28 or above. Lastly, they will need to have finished Chapter 7’s Naxos questline in Odyssey’s base campaign. If you fit the bill, take a look at what to expect in Bloodline’s cinematic trailer.

Season Pass holders, which include those who purchased Assassin Creed Odyssey’s Gold Edition, receive Legacy of the First Blade as part of their package. The content runs for $34.99 standalone for all three parts. That story may be wrapping up, but another episodic story called The Fate of Atlantis is slated to begin in late April. Not much is known about it other than that it takes place in the legendary sunken city and will pit players against mythological creatures. As strange as that last bit may sound, it’s far from the first instance of such an occurrence in this series.

Despite early complaints, Ubisoft’s post-launch goodies seem to be giving fans plenty of reason to return to its take on ancient Greece. With no Assassin's Creed game scheduled for 2019, it doesn’t hurt to make an already gigantic experience even beefier in the meantime. After all, Ubisoft's portfolio for the year already seems packed with The Division 2 launching soon well as later projects like Skull & Bones

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