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The Assassin's Creed movie may not have solved the 'video game curse' among the worldwide box office, but they succeeded where other game-to-movie adaptations have failed. For starters, the creators took the harder path of crafting their very own story to fit into, and alongside the existing Ubisoft franchise's many games, comics, short films, and novels. And because of that, the movie's heroes enjoyed all the benefits afforded to the historical Assassins... the famous wrist-mounted Hidden Blades chief among them.

In a less original adaptation, the film would have undoubtedly included an armory scene, or an exposition-heavy scene where the film's hero Callum Lynch (Michael Fassbender) is informed of the Hidden Blade. The signature weapon of the Assassin Order, the spring-loaded knives fire out from the wrist completely concealed, delivering a blow as lethal and silent as the men and women who wield them... before returning to their holster as if nothing ever happened. Now, we have a closer look at the ones created specifically for the movie's setting and purposes.

Specifically, our look behind the scenes of the Assassin's Creed production focuses on the modern incarnations of the Hidden Blade created from the ground up for the movie. While Cal's Hidden Blades were the same ones worn by his Spanish ancestor Aguilar de Nerha, Armorer and Department Head Tim Wildgoose shows a double deadly weapon wielded by Maria, Aguilar's partner in the historic half of the film's narrative. Her double-blade was similarly shown, not told in the course of the movie... but expect that one to be popping up more in the future.

The real highlight of the video for movie, movie weapon, and Assassin's Creed geeks though is clearly Joseph Lynch's version of the Hidden Blade. Cal's father, played by both Brian Gleeson (young) and Brendan Gleeson (older) only has his full Blade and Gauntlet visible in a scene or two. Which makes it all the more incredible that the designers made an era-appropriate version to answer the question: what would an Assassin of the 1980s want their Hidden Blade to resemble? The answer, it turns out, is Rambo and Taxi Driver.


It's a thrill to actually see the Hidden Blade at all, since those details and influences remain entirely behind the scenes and off the screen. But knowing now how this canonical weapon marks the franchise's entry into a new decade... let's just say that Joseph Lynch's Hidden Blade just leaped to the top of plenty fans' holiday shopping lists. It seems a labor of love, and one of many such stories throughout the production from costumes to choreography. So it really shouldn't be surprising that when the film's final act called for a Hidden Blade to be assembled from disparate, smuggled components... the armorers just did it for real.


A watch, a belt, a book, a phone, a pen, and a concealed blade join together for Cal's final kill (a scene that would have played out differently in Assassin's Creed's alternate ending). In the end, the scene may have been too much of a step into the larger mythology of the AC series for casual fans, seeing an evil society infiltrated as world domination was within their grasp. But for the fans who found it a fitting conclusion, this is an added bonus, and another layer of enjoyment for Cal's true initiation into the Assassin Order.

Now seriously, where can we get our own '80s Blade?

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