15 Secrets About Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis’ Marriage

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are an incredibly private (and adorable) Hollywood couple.

They're also pretty chill and down-to-earth. So, of course, there have been loads of rumors, scandals, and shocking secrets built up throughout their decades-long relationship.

Remember, they were friends first for years before marriage. Confirming news about this particular couple is often quite difficult. They like to keep out of the public eye as much possible.

However, that hasn't stopped the media from digging deeper into their marriage.

Whether it's picking apart the couple's parenting choices or blasting them for jealousy and infidelity, it seems like the internet has plenty of opinions when it comes to Kutcher and Kunis. It's no wonder that they have fought to keep their children out of the news and worked so hard for a top-secret wedding ceremony.

From the multiple times they broke off their friendship to false rumors claiming an impending divorce, here are the 15 Secrets About Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis' Marriage.

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15 They Don’t Plan To Leave Their Kids Any Money

Kutcher and Kunis are worth a reported $255 million. With a bank account like that, you would think that their children would be set for life, but that's not the case.

The pair have no plans to share their wealth with their son and daughter. That doesn't mean they don't spend money on their kids, they swore by their $1,160 smart crib, they just want their children to work their way through life.

Kutcher told his friend Dax Shephard on Shephard's Armchair Expert podcast that his children were already living a privileged life and weren't even aware of it yet.

He did, however, leave the door open to help his children establish their own business ventures in the future.

Kutcher said he would be more than happy to provide his children with investment money should they ever come to him with a sound business plan.

14 They Never Planned On Getting Married

Kunis had really never planned on getting married, saying at a very young age that she would marry when same-sex marriage was made legal.

When she informed Kutcher of her plan never to wed, he readily agreed. Having gone through a messy divorce with Demi Moore, Kutcher wasn't exactly planning on a second union, either.

As we all know, Kunis and Kutcher changed their stance on marriage. The couple decided to get married a year into their relationship.

Once he decided he wanted to propose to Kunis, Kutcher did all he could to get his legal separation from Moore over with. Kunis revealed that Kutcher had begun to plan out the special day long before everything was legally settled so that he could propose immediately after the divorce was finalized.

13 He Was Her First Kiss

This sounds super sweet, right? Young love getting close on the job. What could be more romantic than a husband and wife's first kiss?

Well, the circumstances surrounding Kelso and Jackie's relationship on That '70s Show make it a little awkward.

Kunis was a little... okay, very underage. Kunis told a little fib when trying to land the gig, saying she was going to turn 18 on her birthday... but she didn't say which one. The actress was only 14 at the time, while her co-star was 19.

Kunis admitted that she had had a huge crush on Kutcher at the time and said that he had done all he could to make her feel comfortable.

To his credit, Kutcher had no idea that he was Kunis' first kiss, he was just being polite. He later admitted he was glad not to have known that he was her first, believing that there would have been too much pressure otherwise.

12 They Changed Their Son’s Name At The Last Minute

Mila Kunis in Bad Moms

Originally, Kutcher and Kunis had chosen the name "Walt" for their son. However, at one point, Kunis decided the name didn't quite fit.

The actor said his wife simply turned to him in the car one day and informed him that Walt was not their son's name, Dimitri was a better fit and she believed that Donald Trump would become president.

Shocked, Kutcher totally missed everything that Kunis had said about the name, focusing on her election predictions instead. After a few days, Kutcher told his wife that she was indeed right about their son's name.

It was Kutcher who convinced Kunis of their daughter Wyatt's name. The couple had been having a difficult time coming up with a name they could agree.

Kutcher began throwing out random names, all of which Kunis shot down. Eventually, he landed on Wyatt, which they both agreed was perfect.

11 There Was A Time When She Didn’t Like Him Much

Kunis had a bit of a crush on Kutcher from his model days before they started working together. However, that faded as they became friends and co-workers. After Kutcher found success as an actor and businessman, however, Kunis found herself put off by the changes that she saw in her friend.

Kunis believes that their longterm friendship has only served to strengthen their marriage. However, there was a time when she didn't really like Kutcher much.

She admitted that she thought Kutcher was rather self-obsessed at the height of his fame.

The changes she perceived made her feel as if she didn't recognize her old friend anymore. The actress admitted that there was more than one occasion when they two stopped being friends completely. However, they always made up in the end.

10 They Weren’t Exclusive At First

Kutcher and Kunis kept things casual when they first got together. So, casual, in fact, that they weren't even exclusive at first.

There wasn't any drama or jealousy, though. Kunis confirms that she and Kutcher were very open with their feelings.

The couple would tell each other when they were going out with other people.

The actress joked that she and Kutcher should have realized their casual fling would become something more. It took them only three months to become exclusive.

Kunis believes that everything happened for a reason. She admitted that they both need to grow as people before they could become serious as a couple.

The actress said that she and her husband would have never have worked out together had they not been able to mature separately first.

9 They Were Friends With Benefits

Long before they were ever husband and wife, Kunis and Kutcher were friends. So, when they began to become attracted to each other, they simply changed the parameters of their friendship.

Kunis admitted that the couple had failed to learn from their own movies.

She starred in Friends With Benefits with Justin Timberlake, while he starred in No Strings Attached with Natalie Portman. Kunis said that she and Kutcher had been very straightforward about their arrangement, but feelings eventually grew deeper.

The actress revealed her first encounter with Kutcher as more than friends. She said that she had seen Kutcher at an awards show and was taken aback by his good looks.

Kutcher had initially planned to set Kunis up with a friend, but the two ended up getting together instead. He convinced her to stay the night, a thing that she had always refused to do while single.

8 They Don’t Give Their Children Christmas Gifts

Kunis didn't have a lot of holiday traditions growing up. The religious culture was different in Russia, she says, and that meant that she missed out on a lot of holidays.

She has since begun to participate in mainstream holidays, especially now that she has children.

Though the holidays may not be in line with her Jewish heritage, Kunis and her family see the time as a reason to be with family.

Being new to these holidays, Kutcher and Kunis have been able to create their own traditions to suit their family's needs.

One of the first rules that the couple put in place was to limit the number of gifts that their children receive. Kunis revealed that Wyatt's grandparents tend to go overboard with the gift giving, prompting her and Kutcher to refrain from giving any of their own.

7 They Sued A Website For Posting Photos Of Their Kid

Kutcher and Kunis are a very private couple who tend to keep their children out of the spotlight as much as possible.

The couple sought restitution from Mail Online after the site published photos of their daughter Wyatt. The parents claimed the photos were used improperly and were displeased by the alleged attempt to promote clothing with the photos.

Kutcher and Kunis won their battle against the site, though it is not clear whether or not the received money as part of that agreement.

They made it quite clear that they were not happy with their children's photos being used in the media. As part of the settlement, the couple won the right to have their daughter's face pixelated when family outing photos were used publicly.

6 They Married In Secret

Kutcher and Kunis are a notoriously private couple. When the pair decided the wanted to marry, they knew it needed to be as an intimate as possible.

So, the couple did everything they could to keep news of their nuptials out of the press. Kutcher called the ceremony a "ninja effort."

He even said that they had been posting false locations on social media to throw off reporters and tabloids.

Sources said that the pair were even sneakier than all that. It was reported that Kunis and Kutcher had married before their actual ceremony... they certainly kept things on the down low.

Even after reports of their marriage began to leak in the press, the couple were careful not to confirm anything for about a year after their big day.

5 They Bought Their Wedding Rings Cheap On Etsy

Kutcher bought Kunis a lovely (and expensive) engagement ring that the actress could only describe as "stunning." However, when it came time to choose their actual wedding bands, Kunis refused to pay the outrageous prices she was confronted with at jewelry stores.

Kunis turned to Etsy to find her wedding rings on the cheap, snagging both for only $190. The actress was ready to buy the rings immediately once she saw their low prices.

The actress was proud of her frugal choice and loved how thin and low-key her wedding band is. While she loves her fancy engagement ring, she admitted that she never really wears it.

However, with her wedding ring being worth only $90, she feels no guilt or anxiety about wearing it out in public.

4 A Tabloid Spread Rumors Saying They Were Getting Divorced

Star Magazine published an article that claimed Kunis and Kutcher were going to file for divorce nearly a year ago. Obviously, the couple is still going strong. However, according to the magazine, an insider source had lots of dirt about the couple's alleged struggles.

According to the insider, Kunis was unhappy raising her two children alone while Kutcher hung out with friends all the time.

The magazine's source also claimed that the two actors felt threatened over their supposedly struggling careers. There were rumors that Kunis had grown distrustful of her husband based on reports that he had cheated on his ex-wife, Demi Moore.

A representative for Kunis shot down the bombshell story, stating that it was completely fabricated and that the couple was doing just fine.

3 There Were Rumors He Wasn't Faithful

Ashton Kutcher as Michael Kelso on That 70's Show

When reports surfaced that Kutcher was cheating on Kunis, along with photos of the actor boarding a private jet with a mysterious woman, he was quick to lash out at the media outlets that had run with the story.

In his angry tweet, Kutcher informed his followers that Kunis had been upset about the day he had spent... with their cousin.

In April of 2017, Kutcher received the Robert D. Ray Pillar of Character Award. The award is given to those recognized for their efforts in being a good role model.

At the time, Kutcher said that he was likely the only person to receive such an honor while also being splashed all over the tabloids as an accused adulterer. He credited those struggles with strengthening his character.

2 There Were Rumors She Got A Woman Kicked Off His Show

According to reports, Kutcher had initially planned to bring Elisha Cuthbert's character back as his ex in season 2 of his Netflix comedy The Ranch.

This obviously never happened, and rumors claim that it was all Kunis' doing. An anonymous source claimed that Kutcher wanted to have steamier love scenes with Cuthbert, causing Kunis to put her foot down.

If these rumors are true, it would seem like there was no real harm done. Cuthbert had allegedly been wanting to quit the gig anyway, hoping to lighten her workload.

The insider also said that Cuthbert was happily married and in no way actually attracted to Kutcher.

Kutcher's longtime friend Danny Masterson was fired from the series a just couple years later amid multiple allegations of assault.

1 An Insider Said They Went To Couples’ Therapy

An insider source claimed that Kunis and Kutcher had gone through a difficult period in their relationship. Issues mentioned included Kutcher being photographed in a (possibly) seedy massage parlor, as well as Kunis' alleged problems with Demi Moore. However, according to the source, the couple worked hard to overcome their issues.

The insider said Kutcher and Kunis had gone through couples' therapy in order to learn how to communicate with one another.

They also said the couple had dedicated themselves fully to each other and their family. It was said that they fully supported each other's work and had promised each other to be on completely equal footing in everything they do.

The report claimed that the parents schedule their projects around each other's work so their children never need to be cared for by nannies.


Can you think of any other secrets about Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher? Sound off in the comments!

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