Ashes of Creation Wants to Get You Really Excited About the Beer Bear Mount

Kickstarter-funded developer Intrepid Studios releases new video and short story about the Beer Bear in Ashes of Creation, an unreleased MMO game.

Intrepid Studios Ashes of Creation Beer Bear Mount

Intrepid Studios, the developer of the MMORPG Ashes of Creation, released a short story and a video featuring one of the mounts that players can use in the game, the Beer Bear. Funded with Kickstarter, the game has no official release date yet, but everything suggests that it will launch in 2020. However, a standalone prequel of the game, titled Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse, is already available both on Steam and on the developer's website. It's intended to be a testing ground for the features that will be implemented on the upcoming MMPORG, and it's free to play.

Intrepid Studios' Kickstarter campaign launched on May 1, 2017, and received massive support from the MMORPG community. Ashes of Creation managed to collect over $300K from its Kickstarter backers in the first hour from the launch of the campaign, and its success never stopped: after two weeks, the game had already reached $2 million on the crowdfunding platform. At the end of the campaign, Intrepid Studios had received $3,271,809 from 19,576 backers, more than double its initial goal of $750,000.

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Now, Ashes of Creation's developer is particularly keen on showing off one of the mounts that will be available in the game, called the Beer Bear. As its name suggests, this mount is a bear with two huge beer kegs attached to its leather saddle. Recently, Intrepid Studios released both a video and a short story about this unique character. Check it out, below:

The Beer Bear's name is Mug and he was adopted at a young age by Fent, a hunter who killed his mother in self-defense. When he was a cub, Mug had trouble sleeping and Fent, who likes to brew, made a special honey-infused concoction to soothe him. This allowed trust to build between the two characters so, when Fent decided to open his own tavern, Mug started to help around and to drink together with the other patrons. As for the video, it has a very interesting part that demonstrates how the developers created the Beer Bear in Photoshop. Other than that, it shows the incredibly realistic movements of the bear and the impressive landscapes that will appear in the finished game.

Intrepid Studios has been very generous in providing game previews, like this one about the Beer Bear, both on its official website and its social media profiles. And it's for a good reason: all the previews feature impressive graphics and interesting characters. This is probably the main reason why the unreleased game got so much success during its Kickstarter campaign. If Ashes of Creation manages to keep up with the hype, it could become one of the most played MMORPGs of 2020.

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Source: Intrepid Studios

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