All Hell Breaks Loose In Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 3 Trailer


Hell is literally about to break loose in season 3 of Ash Vs. Evil Dead. The original Evil Dead is a grimy, no-budget horror movie made by a group of young filmmakers in the woods. It was also the debut of director Sam Raimi (Spider-Man), who proved his talent at an early age by crafting an intense, gory ride with inventive camera work. The movie also made a star of B-movie icon Bruce Campbell, but it wasn’t until Evil Dead 2 the actor would be able to show off his comedy chops.

The sequel is essentially a comedic remake of the original, and Campbell’s endearing turn as dimwitted, accidental hero Ash made him a fan favorite. The trilogy was capped off with Army Of Darkness, a studio project that toned down the gore for a PG-13 rating, yet had enough crazy effects and one-liners to keep fans happy. A fourth movie was rumored for over twenty years until it was confirmed the franchise was coming back as a STARZ TV series instead.

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Ash Vs Evil Dead has been a gory treat for its first two seasons, which looks set to continue if the brand new trailer (via Syfy) is anything to go by. The new season picks up with Ash being considered a hero in his hometown after the events of series 2, only to learn the Deadites are coming back, and that he has a teenage daughter named Brandy. Ash has to assemble his “Ghost Beaters” Kelly and Pablo to reluctantly save the day once more.

Ash Vs. Evil Dead has proven to be a more than worthy follow-up to the movies, giving fans the mix of comedy and bloodshed they love. The show has helped flesh out the character of Ash a little, and Campbell has shown he’s more than capable of pulling off the physical rigors of playing Ash after 30 years. The show has expanded the mythology of the franchise in intriguing ways too, managing to strike the right balance between fan service (e.g. the return to the cabin) and introducing new concepts and characters.

Sadly, season 3 of Ash Vs. Evil Dead may prove to be the last. While the show has received strong reviews and does well on DVD, apparently illegal downloads have affected ratings, and STARZ is considering ending with this season. That would be a shame, as the show really started to finds it feet during season two, and fans would be much happier if it reached Campbell’s original five-season goal.

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Ash Vs. Evil Dead season 3 premieres February 25 on STARZ

Source: SyFy

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