Ash vs Evil Dead Is 'Lookin' Sweet' In New Trailer

Ash vs Evil Dead Bruce Campbell wink

When it was first announced, the reaction to Starz’s Ash vs. Evil Dead was a mixed one. On one hand, audiences were going to see the return of Bruce Campbell’s (arguably) most famous role, but on the other hand, after so many years, could he really still pull it off?

However, all of that worry faded away with the release of the show’s first trailer at this past year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Now, with some of the fever dissipated, the network has unleashed a second trailer featuring some, but not all, new footage for fans to squeal over.

The above trailer establishes the premise of the series while also focusing on Ash's unique approach to human-deadite relations. There's the same winking appreciation of how much time has passed between the last time Ash was seen onscreen and his preparation for the coming apocalypse (i.e., "B.S.") that serves as the plot of the series. Most of the action is the same as before, but there's more   banter between Ash and his traveling companion Pablo (Ray Santiago), so that audiences can get an idea of where the show's going in terms of humor.

Ash vs Evil Dead Deadite

What the trailer excels at is delivering an idea of just how over-the-top Ash vs. Evil Dead is going to be. While the Evil Dead franchise has always been outrageous, it’s also been forced to be creative due to certain technological and budgetary restrictions. However, special effects in film and television are far different than what they were when the original films were made, meaning the things Raimi and his team are looking to do can be more easily accomplished, even on a TV budget. Whether or not slicker special effects will take away some of the charm that the original films had remains to be seen, however.

Overall, everything being put on display for Starz’s upcoming series is hitting all the right buttons, and of all the new offerings coming to television this fall, this one’s most certainly at the top of the anticipation pile. Sure, Supergirl may be exciting, and The Bastard Executioner may finally land Kurt Sutter the Emmy recognition he was denied during Sons of Anarchy's run, but as far as pure enjoyment goes, it’s hard to imagine anything topping Ash vs. Evil Dead before the year comes to a close.

Ash vs. Evil Dead premieres October 31, 2015 on Starz.

Source: YouTube

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