Bruce Campbell Talks Ash vs. Evil Dead Time Travel

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Ash vs. Evil Dead is all set for its Halloween 2015 premiere on Starz. Already, fans of the series and its titular characters have been made privy to the entire list of titles and synopses for season 1, as well as a behind the scenes featurette, replete with interviews from the cast and crew on the set of the new show.

Set 30 years after the events of Army of Darkness, the new show will see actor Bruce Campbell contend with a whole new plague of Deadites in modern day America, which will give him a chance to wield Ash's iconic chainsaw hand once more. While everything we've seen and heard so far suggests the first season will not feature any time travel elements, Campbell is holding out hope for a possible jump into the time stream in season 2.

According to Campbell, fans shouldn't give up hope of ever seeing everyone's favorite chainsaw-wielding scourge of the undead make a trip into yesteryear. In fact, when asked about the likelihood of time travel elements being incorporated into the show, the actor had this to say:

"I would just say just don’t be surprised if it does happen because it has happened. So I would say that would be on the table as well. Especially, once you get into a series, your stories have got to cover you for five freakin’ years, you know what I mean? We’re having the discussions with the writing team now where we’re like ‘Okay, season 2!’"

Army of Darkness

Campbell's speculation is purely hypothetical at this point, leaving the ultimate answer to that question up in the air for now. Then again, the franchise has experimented with such things in the past, which certainly makes it a possibility for the show's writing team to explore sometime down the line. In fact, given that time travel factored so prominently into the plot of Army of Darkness, it would almost seem like a missed opportunity for them not to send the character to a different era - even for just one episode.

At any rate, there's probably not too much to worry about. From the looks of the latest trailer, Starz has the right idea regarding how to approach the cult-classic property: with plenty of off-color gore and repartee between Ash and his two co-stars Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Ruby (Dana DeLorenzo). Wherever the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis takes Ash next, it will almost certainly be a wild ride, and one that just might include a little time travel thrown into the mix (fingers crossed).

Ash vs. Evil Dead will premiere on Starz on October 31st, 2015.

Source: EW

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