Bruce Campbell Unsure About Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 4

Ash vs. Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell isn’t sure if a fourth season of the cult horror/comedy show will happen. The series continues the adventures of Ash from Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead movie trilogy, where Campbell plays the dim-witted grocery store clerk who is cursed to fight demons.

The show has proven to be a real favorite among franchise fans, where it ports over all the gore and bad taste humor of Raimi's Evil Dead movies while also giving viewers characters to care about. Despite the second season being well received, there’s been confusion about the air date for the already-completed season three, which was pushed back to sometime in 2018.

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Campbell addressed this in an interview with Oregon Live, saying that he’s unsure of the show's future beyond season three. Addressing the next season’s potential air date, the veteran actor said:

"When you find out, will you give me a quick call? We're searching for an air date right now. We think it's going to be the first quarter of 2018."

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 2016

He then addressed his uncertainty over a potential season four, and how illegal downloads has negatively impacted Ash vs. Evil Dead:

Our bosses have new bosses now. Ash vs. Evil Dead has done very well in DVD sales, and is distributed overseas. We're also one of the most illegally downloaded shows. What does that say about our fans? They're a bunch of jerks -- 'We want it, we like it, we just don't want to pay for it.'"

If the show does end with the “very solid” next season, Campbell at least seems to think it goes out on a strong note, claiming "we made sure our storyline was wrapped up in a good way." It would a shame for Ash vs. Evil Dead to end before its time since it really started to find its feet during season two. It’s also one of the most unique horror/comedy shows on TV right now, deftly balancing gore, humor, action and likeable heroes.

If the show does end with season three, then that will likely be the last fans see of Campbell in the Ash role. The show came about nearly twenty years after the last movie Army Of Darkness, and while that’s a cult film now it was a box-office failure upon release. While the creators mulled a fourth Evil Dead movie in the intervening years - including a crossover sequel where Ash fights Freddy and Jason - it was decided a TV series was the best way forward. Hopefully, season three will be a rating success for Starz, and maybe Ash vs. Evil Dead can even hit Campbell’s five-season goal.

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Ash vs. Evil Dead season 3 is currently expected to air on Starz in early 2018.

Source: Oregon Live

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