Ash vs. Evil Dead Trailer & Poster: Evil is After Ash's Daughter

Ash Williams is back in the blood-and-goop-soaked trailer for Ash vs Evil Dead season 3. Nearly 37 years after director Sam Raimi's horror movie cult classic The Evil Dead first hit theaters, the story of an arrogant but lovable lug from Elk Grove, Michigan lives on in Ash vs. Evil Dead, which debuted as an unrated series on STARZ in 2015. Starring Bruce Campbell in his first turn as Ash since 1992 cult favorite Army of Darkness, the debut of the series was a momentous occasion for Raimi and Campbell fans since it allowed for a much deeper, extended story line than ever before.

Each comprising of 10 half-hour episodes, seasons 1 and 2 found Ash encountering deadites again after he mistakenly read incantations from the Book of the Dead after a night of partying at the local bar. Picking up a pair of sidekicks named Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) and Pablo (Ray Santiago) along the way, Ash encounters a new villain in the form of Ruby (Lucy Lawless), who eventually aligns with her enemy in an effort to vanquish evil. Season 2 took Ash and company back to Ash's hometown of Elk Grove, and by the end, it appeared that they completed their daunting task of sending the deadites and a new demon, Baal (Joel Tobeck) back to where they came from.

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As fans found out in the post-credits scene in the season 2 finale of Ash vs. Evil Dead, the Book of the Dead is very much intact, which means more mayhem for Ash in season 3 of the series. Today, STARZ gave fans their first solid look at what to expect starting Feb. 25, with the first full trailer for the upcoming season, and a new poster for the show, to boot. Set to the A-ha hit "Take on Me," the trailer finds Ash still in Elk Grove and back in the hardware business, until his whole world comes crashing down. Not only is evil back in bloody and gory fashion, Ash has been informed by a former lover that their short wedding 17 years before produced a daughter, Brandy (Arielle Carver-O’Neill), who is now being hunted by deadites at her high school.

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 poster (photo: STARZ)

Not surprisingly, the 1980s version of Ruby introduced in season 2 is back and up to no good in season 3, and it appears she's immune to any sort of damage from Ash since he plunges his chainsaw through her to no avail in one of the trailer's many blood-spattered moments. Also, Ash doesn't appear to be the only one that's a new parent; Ruby appears to become a mom again to another evil and very scary-looking spawn.

In addition to Carver O'Neill, Lindsay Farris also joins the cast this season as Dalton, who leads the ancient order the Knights of Sumeria. Unlike Ruby, Dalton is on Ash's side as they seek to vanquish a new evil. In addition, while he met a grisly fate last season, Lee Majors will be back from beyond the grave as Ash's dad, Brock.

With any luck, season 3 of Ash vs. Evil Dead is going to impress fans and STARZ enough to fulfill Campbell's dream of having 5 seasons of the show. With a conscious effort to mix things up for this season and bring back the series' trademark laugh-out-loud funny horror and gore, it appears in the trailer that season 3 of the show is right on target to reach if not surpass the greatness of seasons 1 and 2.

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Source: STARZ

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