New Ash vs. Evil Dead Images Reveal Ash's Daughter

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 Ray Santiago, Arielle Carver-O'Neill, Bruce Campbell and Dana DeLorenzo (photo STARZ)

The first batch of images from Ash vs Evil Dead season 3 revealed at New York Comic-Con Saturday include a first-look at Ash's daughter as she appears in the series. Based on the cult horror comedy movie trilogy from director Sam Raimi, producer Rob Tapert and actor Bruce Campbell, Ash vs. Evil Dead signaled a new beginning for The Evil Dead franchise in 2015 with an original series featuring Ash (Campbell) and his Deadite exploits on STARZ.

After two successful seasons of the half-hour horror comedy, the production announced earlier this week the February 25, 2018, premiere date for Ash vs. Evil Dead season 3. Joining returning cast members including Lucy Lawless (Ruby), Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) and Pablo (Ray Santiago) is Arielle Carver-O'Neill, who will play Brandy, the teenage daughter Ash never knew he had.

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While Carver-O'Neill participated in a Facebook Live chat with Campbell, DeLorenzo and Santiago Friday, the production didn't unveil first-look photos of the Australian actress as she appears in the series until NYCC. Three photos were released in all – two featuring Carver-O'Neill; and one highlighting a distinctly different-looking Ruby, whose present-day Ruby was killed off by a past, evil version of the character at the conclusion of season 2.

Check out the photos in a tweet from the series below:

February 25 just got a hell of a lot groovier. #AshvsEvilDead

— Ash vs Evil Dead (@AshvsEvilDead) October 7, 2017

While Campbell, DeLorenzo, Santiago, Carver-O'Neill and another new cast member, Lindsay Farris (who plays a character named Dalton) took part in a panel and signed autographs for fans at NYCC Saturday, details are slowing leaking out. By the looks of the two posters released by the production so far, at least some of the action will be set in the high school that Brandy presumably goes to, and it's sure to be accompanied by the comical mix of blood, guts, gore and horror that has made the unrated series such a screaming delight.

The series' Twitter account tweeted out some select quotes from the panel Saturday, including Campbell noting, "You're gonna pick your f***ng jaw off the floor at the end of this season." Campbell also noted that Ash is "the worst father ever. But also the best father ever," and Carver-O'Neill noted, "Everyone is so welcoming and Bruce is the nicest guy ever."

Yet to be revealed is the scene in season 3 that DeLorenzo alluded to Friday, which she said tops the laugh-out-loud and extremely gross scene in season 2 where Ash battled a Deadite colon from a male cadaver in an episode aptly called The Morgue. What that scene could entail is anybody's guess, but the mention during the NYCC panel of a "blood canon" and Campbell saying, "I had a fight in a sperm bank this season" seem to offer up some very disgustingly scary possibilities.

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