Ash vs. Evil Dead Season 3 Reveals Why Ash is the Chosen One

Ash Army of Darkness

Ash vs Evil Dead season 3 will explain why Ash is the chosen one. It's an answer a long time coming too, as Ash (Bruce Campbell) has experienced quite the character evolution over the course of Sam Raimi's Evil Dead franchise. In the original 1981 film, Ash almost served as the male equivalent to the slasher genre's "final girl" character type, showing little aptitude for heroism at first and basically learning how to survive as events progressed.

By 1987's Evil Dead II though, not only had the series taken a hard left turn from straight horror into horror/comedy, Ash had also gotten a huge upgrade in badass Deadite fighting skills and a talent for dropping clever one-liners before dispatching the enemy. After traveling far back in time for Army of Darkness, Ash had leveled up to mythological hero, saving medieval England from a Deadite plague. Sure, it was a plague he accidentally caused, but words can sometimes be hard to remember, okay?

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By the time Starz TV series follow-up Ash vs Evil Dead premiered in fall 2015, Ash had been struck hard by father time, and was a long way from the days of "Hail to the king, baby." Thankfully, after admittedly once again accidentally unleashing the evil himself - booze and the Necronomicon don't mix - an aging Ash managed to swing his trusty chainsaw hand back into action, thanks in part to the assistance of new friends Pablo and Kelly. Season 2 ended on a pretty happy note, but things clearly won't stay happy for long. When asked what fans can expect from AVED season 3, Campbell told Dread Central the following:

"The mythology’s going to kick in now, which will give us all an idea of why Ash was chosen – this average idiot… this fool was written of in an ancient book. So Season 3 is where it all will come to a head – the ultimate mettle of the average man will be tested by these demonic forces, and if man fails, then evil will rule the earth – those are the stakes.”

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 2016

The how and why behind Ash getting drafted into the battle against possibly world-ending evil has never really been explored in the Evil Dead franchise before, and it'll be interesting to see how the AVED team handles the question. On the surface, Ash really does seem like a terrible choice to entrust with the fate of the world. He's cocky, he's loud, he's selfish, he's lazy, and he seemingly has no filter. Yet, time and again, he ends up winning the day. Surely there must be some ancient reason for that, and it seems that fans will get to find out what it is in season 3.

Of course, at this juncture, fans still have no idea exactly when Ash vs Evil Dead season 3 will premiere. Past seasons have debuted around Halloween, but it's already August, and not a peep has been made by Starz as to a premiere date. In a recent interview, Campbell admitted that even he doesn't know when the new season will air, although he speculated that season 3 might not happen until 2018. The confusion surrounding this issue is far from groovy.

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Source: Dread Central

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