Ash vs. Evil Dead: New Image Offers First Look at Season 2 Villain

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Cast

The first season of Ash vs. Evil Dead was met with all sorts of success that led to a quick greenlight for season two. With that season beginning this October, many will be curious to see what kind of big bad Ash and his pals will be facing. Lucy Lawless' Ruby became the heavy to face down the first time, but the results still left her in charge. Of course, this being Evil Dead, Ash always has some crazy creature to deal with.

Recent looks at this upcoming season certainly seem to show the series not backing away from delivering the goods when it comes to bloody mayhem. As for why, well audiences now have their first look at the cast member who will be the cause of even more havoc than expected from the Necronomicon.

Starz (via EW) has released the first official photo of Joel Tobeck (Sons of Anarchy, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King), who will be playing Baal, the season's main villain. According to an announcement made by Starz this past week, Baal hails from the underworld, and has a secret link to Ruby. That is certainly ominous, but based on the image below, Baal seems like one not to mess with.

James Tobeck as Baal in Ash vs. Evil Dead season 2

Tobeck will be joining the previously announced new cast members, which include Lee Majors as Ash’s father, Evil Dead franchise vet Ted Raimi as Ash's childhood best friend, and Michelle Hurd as Ash's former high school love, Linda. Season one's core cast (Campbell, Lawless, Ray Santiago, and Dana DeLorenzo) return as well, with plenty to deal with as the "Ghostbeaters" return to Ash's home town of Elk Grove.

The details are fairly vague, but it should be interesting to see what kind of crazy villains this series can come up with, given how unexpected season one's ending was. Ash basically made a deal with the devil, so hopefully the show will find plenty of new life in delving into what that kind of choice means for the cult-favorite character. As anyone who loves this franchise and is happy to see it spawning new life on television, there is plenty of potential for how to keep this world of Deadites going.

Of course, there also needs to be hope that Tobeck can deliver the goods. Lawless was a big win for the first season (Lawless being married to producer Rob Tapert aside) - and in a world where the Necronomicon has been unleashed, Baal needs to be someone that really stands out. This is Ash vs. Evil Dead though, so we shouldn't expect anything less than bloody satisfaction.

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Ash vs. Evil Dead season 2 starts airing on Starz on October 2nd, 2016.

Source: EW

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