Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Red Band Trailer & Comic-Con Poster

The red band trailer for Ash vs. Evil Dead season 2 arrives along with a new poster, just in time for San Diego Comic-Con 2016.

Last year’s revelation that the much-awaited next installment of The Evil Dead franchise would come not as a film, but instead as a television series on Starz, drew initial mixed feelings from fans. For many the concept was an exciting one, but for others, the transition from film to television felt like too much of a leap from the cult film series and therefore less in-line with The Evil Dead mythology.

Fortunately, the first season of Ash vs Evil Dead turned out to be above and beyond most expectations. Bruce Campbell’s return to the role of the one-handed, chainsaw-wielding, wall of machismo otherwise known as Ash didn’t miss a beat, just as the level of over-the-top gore and comic book style violence brought with it everything the franchise has come to represent. With the second season a matter of months away, anticipation is once again building for more.

The past few months have provided Ash vs Evil Dead fans with a small selection of teased images and clips from the upcoming second season – all of which appear to be upping the ante on everything that makes the series fun. Now Starz has released a new poster (below) as well as a full-length, red band trailer (viewable above), just in time for Comic-Con, both of which prove once and for all that the second season of Ash vs Evil Dead isn’t resting on its laurels – there’s perhaps more than ever for Ash and his crew to attend to this time around.

The trailer gives a brief insight into the life that Ash, Pablo (Ray Santiago) and Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) have been leading ever since they packed up and headed off to Ash’s utopia of Jacksonville, Florida. Keg parties and decadence seem to prevail – that is until the trailer switches gears and the undead turn up in an attempt to reclaim their dominance over the living. Ash, Pablo and Kelly end up heading back to Ash’s hometown of Elk Grove, Michigan where the series seems to hint at the possibility of finally understanding more about who Ash is and perhaps even what exactly it is that makes him tick – beyond of course, a sheer joy for mutilating the possessed corpses of Deadites.

There’s certainly enough on display in this trailer to heighten anticipation levels for the next season. If the first season of Ash vs Evil Dead was an introduction into the need to eliminate the Deadites and eventually negotiate a truce, season two looks as though it’s the blunt assertion that things have spiraled completely out of control for Ash and his friends. As Ash matter-of-factly states in the trailer, “We gave peace a chance, now it’s time for war.” Season two will likely test the degree to which audiences will engage with continuous gore for 10 straight episodes, but at the same time it will hopefully continue to flesh out the characters.

A third season of Ash vs Evil Dead has yet to be greenlit by Starz, but should season two perform as well as its predecessor did, there’s very little reason to not expect more. For now, however, fans will have plenty to devour come October when the second season of Ash vs Evil Dead brings its beloved gore and black humor to Starz once again.

Ash Vs Evil Dead returns to Starz this October.

Source: Starz

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