Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Premiere Released Online 3 Days Early

Last fall, Starz made the somewhat unusual move of renewing Ash vs Evil Dead for season 2 before the first episode had even aired. Thankfully, this decision paid off, as the series was warmly received by both critics and fans. As viewers will recall, season 1 came to a close in a big way, with Ash being offered an almost literal deal with the devil by resident demonic villain Ruby (Lucy Lawless).

Ash was offered the chance to attain the laid back Jacksonville lifestyle he'd always wanted - and save the lives of his friends Pablo and Kelly in the process - if only he would just allow Ruby to fulfill her hellish goals. Being Ash, he of course makes the dumbest decision possible, accepting the terms and seemingly dooming the world to a fate of being overrun by unspeakable evil. As heroic as he can sometimes be, Ash is definitely not the brightest bulb in the box, or in this case the sharpest chainsaw on the stump.

While Ash might not be having the greatest go of it as of late, fans will surely find their days collectively improved by the announcement that Starz has opted to release the full season 2 premiere of Ash vs Evil Dead online, three days before the episode airs on TV. Check out the network's tweet declaring the good news below:

Waiting sucks. That's why we're dropping the #AshvsEvilDead Season 2 premiere early. COME GET SOME.

— Ash vs Evil Dead (@AshvsEvilDead) September 28, 2016

As an idea of what to expect, AvED season 2 will see the formation of a strange alliance between Ash and Ruby, as it appears that the dark forces she unleashed using the Necronomicon have proved too dangerous for even her to handle alone. Also, Ash's dad Brock Williams (Lee Majors) is set to play a big role going forward, as is Ash's childhood friend Chet Kaminski (Ted Raimi, brother of Evil Dead creator Sam Raimi).

Perhaps the best part about Starz's early release of Ash vs Evil Dead's season 2 premiere is that the episode isn't being made available only to subscribers of the premium cable service. Anyone and everyone interested in checking the episode - entitled Home - out can do so by clicking HERE, absolutely free, and with no log-in of any kind required for viewing. Whether one is an already converted fan of the series, a lapsed Ash devotee, or even someone new to the franchise entirely, a free episode of TV is likely to provoke the same response: groovy.

Ash vs Evil Dead season 2 premieres (on TV) October 2 on Starz.

Source: Starz

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