Ash Vs. Evil Dead Season 2 Poster Promises Guts & Glory

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 Cast

Ash vs. Evil Dead is screaming towards its second season premiere in October, set to feature plenty of crazy new threats and all the madcap fun that comes courtesy of Bruce Campbell, his chainsaw and legendary 'boom stick.' In an effort to further champion the return of Ash, Ruby and the 'Ghost Beaters', this of course means marketing. While the Evil Dead series is technically horror and not without its share of thrills, the movies (as well as the series) has been happy to heavily rely on slapstick comedy and gags.

New threats may have been promised for this upcoming season, but based on a new poster, keep in mind that Ash vs. Evil Dead is going to have plenty of fun amidst all the gore.

Thanks to the official Ash vs. Evil Dead Twitter page, you can now get a look at the latest poster celebrating the return of the series (in predictably lighthearted fashion). The image features Ash and the cast saluting in front of an American flag, perched on top of a couple of Deadites. The phrase "Glory, Gory, Hallelujah" hovers above them, making it clear this series is back - and has no plans to ease off the gas pedal.

The official #AshvsEvilDead Season 2 poster is here. You're welcome, America

— Ash vs Evil Dead (@AshvsEvilDead) August 23, 2016

Season one was a big enough hit for Starz to warrant a quick renewal. With some unexpected turns made at the end of last season, season 2 will have to open the series up to a world where Ruby has won and the Necronomicon is in use on a more regular basis. Given what we've seen in some images and the trailer for the new season, Ash and Ruby will be joining forces in a likely tenuous relationship to stop an even greater evil.

The real joy, however, should come from seeing what kind of silly antics the gang (or more precisely - Ash) will be getting up to, while trying to stop evil again.

Ash vs Evil Dead Patriot Poster

It's no surprise to see a poster that promises a level of goofiness pledged to America. What with the election season well under way, and the process only heating up in the coming months. Ash vs. Evil Dead may not be the supreme example for how to provide more fun for the country, but fans and possible newcomers will likely be pleased with what they have coming. There is also the matter of seeing Ash doing his patriotic duty to slaughter undead demons using his mighty chainsaw, which is always good for a laugh.

Ash vs. Evil Dead season 2 starts airing on Starz October 2, 2016.

Source: Twitter

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