Ash vs Evil Dead: New Image, Bruce Campbell Talks Season 2

Bruce Campbell offers comments on Ash vs Evil Dead season 2, along with a brand new image that features Ash with his dad (Lee Majors).

From almost the moment 1993 threequel Army of Darkness ended, fans of Sam Raimi's Evil Dead franchise have been hoping against hope for a fourth adventure featuring Bruce Campbell as cowering victim turned cocky hero Ash Williams. Unfortunately, two decades came and went without a reappearance of Ash, leading many fans to assume that the character was well and truly retired. That is until last October's debut of Starz TV series Ash vs Evil Dead. Produced by Raimi and once again starring Campbell, Ash vs Evil Dead serves as a direct continuation of the original continuity, checking in with an aging Ash decades after his battles with the Deadite hordes.

Debuting to acclaim from both critics and audiences, Ash vs Evil Dead season 1 was a runaway success for Starz, and the pressure is on for Raimi and company to up the stakes even more for season 2. Thankfully, the recently released gore-filled red-band trailer for AvED season 2 suggests that a sophomore slump is not likely to be in the cards.

Continuing the hype train, EW recently published some new comments from Campbell about what's next for Ash, along with a new image featuring Ash standing alongside his equally cranky father (Lee Majors). Take a look at the image:

Ash vs Evil Dead - Ash and his dad Lee Majors

The context of the image is unclear, although considering the expression on Majors' face and the fact that he's toting a shotgun, things probably aren't going well. For his part, Ash looks like he's trying to mediate things in order to prevent an exchange of fire with the woman facing them. One assumes that would be Ruby (Lucy Lawless), but it's hard to say with absolute certainty. As the trailer made clear, Ruby is forced to seek Ash's help putting the evil entities she released back in their proverbial bottle during season 2, although why she suddenly doesn't want evil to overtake the Earth remains anyone's guess.

Ash is, of course, nonplussed about having to leave Jacksonville and get back into the fight, although according to Campbell, it's Pablo that really has hell in store for him in season 2:

"Pablo’s got a crazy journey this year. The stuff he goes through makes my life seem easy. I think we’re going to find out that he’s not just Ash’s sidekick. I don’t think Ray had any idea what was coming. Some of the horrors that await Pablo…"

Ash vs. Evil Dead season 2 trailer

As for Ash's status as season 2 begins, Campbell offered the following info:

"We find Ash right where he wants to be: having keggers, and hanging with chicks, and living the good life in Jacksonville. He’s through with all this business. No strings on him. And what could possibly go wrong, right?"

Predictably, things go terribly wrong for all involved forcing Ash, Pablo, and Kelly to head up to Ash's hometown of Elk Grove, Michigan looking for both refuge and answers. In Campbell's own words, "Things turn south, so the team has to turn north. [This season] it’s ‘Ash goes home.’" In addition to TV legend Majors joining the cast of Ash vs Evil Dead for season 2, Ted Raimi (brother of Sam, and genre veteran) will play a childhood friend of everybody's favorite chainsaw-wielding avenger.

Will Ash vs Evil Dead season 2 live up to season 1? The world will find out in October, but if Ash himself has anything to say about it, things will end up being nothing but "groovy."

Ash vs Evil Dead returns for season 2 this October on Starz.

Source: EW

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