Ash Vs. Evil Dead Episode 2 Promo: Where's the Necronomicon?

Ash vs Evil Dead main cast

The first episode of Starz's Ash Vs. Evil Dead has now aired, and we were pleased to report that it does not disappoint. The pilot episode was directed by Sam Raimi, the mastermind behind the original Evil Dead trilogy, and Reaper producer Craig DiGregorio is attached to the series as showrunner.

The show picks up a couple of decades after Army of Darkness, and finds Ashley J. Williams (Bruce Campbell) living in a trailer and working in a hardware store, having pretty much totally failed to mature in any way. The one thing he is good at, however, is killing monsters, and that skill has already proved useful. For those who can't wait for the next round of Deadite-slaying action, a promo trailer for episode two, "Bait", has made its way online.

The trailer (h/t CBM) features a blood-soaked Ash and crew trading quips and hunting down the Necronomicon in pretty standard-looking Evil Dead fashion. Starz appears to have faith in the series, having renewed it for a second season before a single episode even aired. Campbell is also enthusiastic about his return to the role that has defined his career:

“[It’s] great to get back to this character. It’s probably the most fun character there is to play. Now we can bring all of our experience to bear again and flesh him out even more… people have only seen four and a half hours worth of Ash… In this first season alone, we’re going to do five new hours of Ash. [It’s] a slightly different story in that the character has to evolve. The story has to get bigger. And I’m looking forward to that so that I can take enough time to finally be with Ash.”

Ash vs Evil Dead main cast

As for what the trailer tells us about "Bait", well, it's not exactly spoiler heavy. It appears to start roughly where the previous episode left off, with Ash reunited with his trusty chainsaw and ready to use it to once again save humanity from the forces of evil. Someone has taken the Necronomicon, and it's up to Ash and his new sidekick Pablo to get it back. We also get a glimpse of an appearance by Lost in Space and The X-Files actress Mimi Rogers.

It's exciting to see Ash back in action and covered in an appropriate amount of gore. The Evil Dead movies did not shy away from violent, bloody mayhem and so far Ash Vs. Evil Dead has more than lived up to their legacy. With the whole rest of the season ahead of us and another season yet to come, it's a groovy time for fans of boomstick-on-Deadite action.

Ash vs. Evil Dead returns next Saturday at 9PM on Starz.

Source: CBM

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