Ash vs Evil Dead Characters May Return For Evil Dead Video Game

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 3 cast

Fans could expect to see more of Ash vs Evil Dead's cast return to their roles alongside Bruce Campbell in the upcoming Evil Dead video game. It just wouldn't be Evil Dead without Ash Williams, but it turns out that other characters from Starz's cancelled series might take on the Deadites one last time.

Games are nothing new to the Evil Dead franchise and some fans may remember 1984's The Evil Dead on the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum. There have been five more Evil Dead games of varying quality, but with the last game coming out in 2011, it could be time to reinvent the franchise for the next generation of gaming consoles. With Ash vs Evil Dead having officially come to an end, a gaming series is one way to keep the Ghost Beaters.

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With a memorable cast of characters, one of the shining stars of Ash vs Evil Dead was Ray Santiago's performance as Ash's sidekick, Pablo. Speaking to Dread Central, Santiago teased that he'll get to play Pablo again when asked about the upcoming game: "I would say that we stick together in everything that we do. We’re the Ghost Beaters, so I would say yeah! We’re all going to be part of this!" Although the site pushed Santiago about what the Evil Dead video game will involve, the 34-year-old stopped short of saying if it will be a VR experience:

"I’m not sure if I’m allowed to answer these questions. I feel like you’re warm. I feel like you’re really warm! I’m at the beach right now and it’s really, really hot. Like, really warm! [laughs]."

Ash vs Evil Dead Pablo Ray Santiago

With horror franchises like Resident Evil getting a new lease of life with the atmospheric Resident Evil 7 and its VR option, it could be Evil Dead's turn to cash in on the genre.

Ash vs Evil Dead's April finale rounded off three seasons of campy horror but also left the door open for a continuation. Considering the show's last episode teased Ash in a post-apocalyptic future, this could be one way to tie into the video game and also sell more copies as an official continuation of the show. While there is no official confirmation that the game will continue any storylines that Sam Raimi had presumably planned for season 4, it at least looks like the upcoming title will be based in the same universe as the show.

At least Ash should have his second-in-command back by his side for the game whatever it is and whenever it comes out. Considering Ash vs Evil Dead has gathered a loyal following since its 2015 premiere, the return of fan-favorites like Ash, Pablo, Kelly, and Brandy would be good news for the game. Either way, it sounds like the Ghost Beaters may be back in action before too long.

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Source: Dread Central

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