Bruce Campbell on How Ash Would Defeat Superman, Batman & More

Does Bruce Campbell believe that Ash could defeat either Batman or Superman in a fight? Yes he does, and they're not the only ones.

Ash vs Evil Dead Bruce Campbell wink

With Batman V Superman currently dominating the box office, the subject of which pop-culture icons could defeat each other in a fight is once again a hot topic among the masses at large. In the cinematic realm, the world has now seen Freddy fight Jason, Alien fight Predator, and King Kong fight Godzilla, among other big-screen title bouts. Of course, there exists one badass hero who could surely defeat them all, that being Ash Williams from the Evil Dead franchise. If one disagrees with that assessment, they can feel free to take it up with Bruce Campbell, the actor behind the swaggering, chainsaw-wielding Deadite slayer now headlining Starz's Ash vs. Evil Dead TV series.

During a recent interview from the set of Ash vs. Evil Dead season 2, Campbell was asked how Ash would fare against various famous heroes, and responded in the typical tongue-in-cheek fashion fans would expect out of his iconic character. As far as the DC universe goes, Campbell sees no real challenge involved in Ash defeating either the Last Son of Krypton or The Dark Knight.

On Superman:

"Ash has traveled in time before. He'd do that again to wipe out baby superman when he was just a twinkle in daddy's eye."

On Batman:

"Ash can kill from a distance. He's already killed many 'winged deadites.' Next!"

Bruce Campbell in Ash vs. Evil Dead

When it comes to some of the supporting players in Batman V Superman, Campbell says that Ash would sweat Aquaman the least, suggesting he would "die of boredom" while fighting the aquatic hero and would defeat him by "hold[ing] him above water until he 'drowns' on air." As for Wonder Woman, well, Campbell responds as one would imagine notoriously self-aggrandizing womanizer Ash himself might when confronted by the Amazonian princess: "She can 'defeat' Ash any day -- but the surrender is on his terms."

Perhaps Campbell's most brutal strategy is saved for a potential fight between Ash and Walking Dead fan-favorite character Daryl Dixon: "Ash would defeat Daryl by throwing a bottle of shampoo at him. He'll be so amazed at something he's never seen before, he won't even know that Ash has cross-bowed him in the spleen." Ouch, although that's still a bit more respect than Campbell shows to Han Solo, simply responding with "Han who?"

Would Ash Williams truly be able to emerge victorious against all of the above titans? No, probably not. Still, it would be absolutely hilarious to watch him try. Then again, nearly every single one of Ash's opponents on both the big and small screens has doubted his abilities at first, only to end up on the business end of his trusty "boomstick." While Campbell obviously wasn't being serious with his answers, in the fictional sense, underestimating Ash is truly done at one's own peril. He may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he's arguably the most reliable, despite his tendency to read from the Necronomicon at the worst possible times.

Ash vs. Evil Dead season 2 premieres on Starz in the fall of 2016.

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