The 5 Best And Worst Episodes Of Ash Vs Evil Dead (According To IMDb)

Bruce Campbell Ash vs. Evil Dead

After years of fans asking for more Evil Dead, Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell delivered in 2015. While it wasn’t the long-awaited Evil Dead 4, Ash Williams returned on the small screen for the TV show called Ash vs Evil Dead, which streamed exclusively on Starz.

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The series ran for three blood-soaked seasons, but unfortunately for fans, Starz canceled Ash vs Evil Dead in 2018. Since the show is officially over, fans can now take a look back at the worst and best episodes of the series. On IMDb the series has never dropped below an 8.1 so none of the episodes are really bad per se, but here are The 5 Best And Worst Episodes Of Ash vs Evil Dead (According To IMDb).

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Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams with Jessica Green in Ash Vs Evil Dead
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10 Best: “The Mettle Of Man”- 9.2

Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams with Jessica Green in Ash Vs Evil Dead

Fans were sad to see Ash vs Evil Dead come to an end, but the last episode of the series is the best-rated episode of the show. The final episode shows Ash finally owning up to the title of The Prophesied One as he battles a sixty-foot tall demon called Kandar.

The episode has Ash give an emotional farewell to his daughter Brandy and his friends Kelly and Pablo, while also packing in a ton of action. The episode also leaves the series open-ended as Ash wakes up in a futuristic world where he still must help rid the world of The Dark Ones.

9 Worst: “The Host”- 8.1

Dana DeLorenzo as Kelly in Ash vs Evil Dead

As mentioned above, Ash vs. Evil Dead has never dipped below an 8.1, but the lowest-rated episode of the series comes in season 1 for the episode “The Host”. “The Host” has a side story showing Amanda and Ruby tracking down Ash using his severed hand, but the story is mainly about the gang and Brujo.

The episode begins with Ash waking up gagged as he realizes that the possessed Kelly has convinced Pablo and Brujo that Eligos is inside Ash, not her. Pablo finds out the truth after Kelly tries seducing him to take a hit out of a shotgun bong. Ash defeats Eligos with his handy boomstick, but not before Eligos kills Pablo’s uncle.

8 Best: “Judgement Day”- 9.1

After Ash comes back to life with Brandy, he seeks out Ruby to put an end to her once and for all. With the rift now open, the Dark ones can roam free on Earth and leave their interdimensional prison. Shortly after Ash finds Ruby, the Dark Ones arrive to seek vengeance on Ruby and Kaya themselves.

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The Dark Ones return Kaya to her original body and burn her alive and also melt Ruby’s. As the episode comes to a close, Elk Grove is swarmed with deadites and to make matters even worse, a giant demon called Kandar erupts from the ground.

7 Worst: “DUI”- 8.2

The Delta in Ash vs Evil Dead

The fourth episode of the second season is appropriately titled “DUI. One of the most iconic props from the original Evil Dead movies was the 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale. The Delta has been featured in every Evil Dead movie to date, even the 2013 reboot.

The Delta was seen in the first season of Ash vs Evil Dead, but it was shot into the spotlight in season 2 as it became possessed. Ash goes with Chet to save Pablo and Lacey from the Delta, which ends with Ash having a full-on battle with his iconic car. The episode also shows Kelly and Ruby going on a hunt for Ruby’s demon children.

6 Best: “Ashy Slashy”- 9.0

Season 2 delves into one of the biggest fan theories about Evil Dead; what if everything is all just in Ash’s head? The eighth episode of season 2 sees the aftermath of Baal’s plan to control Ash. After Baal seemingly convinces him that everything is all in his head, Ash turns against Ruby, Kelly, and Pablo when they come to save him.

The episode shows Kelly fighting the puppet Ashy Slashy, while the idea of an evil Ash makes fans think of his deadite form from Dead by Dawn. Eventually, it is revealed that Ash has been faking his loyalty to Baal and is able to defeat him with the help of Pablo, or so he thought.

5 Worst: “Brujo”- 8.2

Bruce Campbell and Hemky Madera as Ash Williams and El Brujo in Ash vs Evil Dead

Jumping back to season 1, the fourth episode of the series titled “Brujo” is another one of the worst-rated episodes with a score of 8.2. The episode introduces Pablo’s uncle as well as teams Amanda up with Ruby. This is also the episode where fans find out that Amanda is actually a Knowby, making her the daughter of Professor Knowby from the original Evil Dead.

The episode also shows Pablo building Ash a new robotic hand, which would be used for the remainder of the series. The most memorable part of the episode, however, is when Ash takes his drug-fueled trip and imagines himself in Jacksonville Florida and is even able to talk to his lizard Eli.

4 Best: “Home Again”-9.0

Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams and Ted Raimi as Henrietta in Ash vs Evil Dead

The ninth episode of season 2 is a monumental episode for the series as it references Army of Darkness for the first time. Ash gets wasted after Pablo’s death and during his bender, Pablo’s body (which is possessed by Baal) gives Ash an idea. Ash, Ruby, and Kelly go back in time to the 80s to prevent the young Ash from ever laying his hands on the Necronomicon.

Not only does the episode make multiple references to the original three Evil Dead movies, but it also sees the return of the characters Professor Knowby and his wife Henrietta (but played by different actors). Ted Raimi even reprises his role as the possessed version of Henrietta!

3 Worst: “Delusion”- 8.2

Bruce Campbell in Ash vs Evil Dead with Ashy Slashy

The seventh episode from season 2 takes a break from the usual storyline to focus on one of Baal’s plans to defeat Ash. The episode “Delusion” from season 2 opens with Ash waking up in an insane asylum. Baal is posing as a doctor named Doctor Peacock who has supposedly been treating Ash ever since he killed his friends and sister in the cabin.

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Ash slowly starts to lose his mind as he hallucinates, seeing Pablo and Ruby as workers at the asylum and Kelly as a crazed patient. This episode also introduces Ashy Slashy, a hilarious little puppet that Doctor Peacock uses to convince Ash he really is insane.

2 Best: “Ashes to Ashes”- 8.9

Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams in Ash vs Evil Dead

Season 1 Episode 8 titled “Ashes to Ashes” sees Ash returning to the cabin that started it all. Early in the episode, Amanda reunites with Ash and convinces him to let her help defeat the deadites. The episode pays a lot of homage to the original film, with Linda’s head even coming back to life to taunt Ash.

“Ashes to Ashes” also has an epic faceoff between Ash and an Ash clone that grew itself from Ash’s decapitated hand. The episode kills off Amanda, just as she and Ash were starting to connect, and ends with the two Ashs choking each other.

1 Worst: “Confinement”- 8.2

Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams and Ted Raimi as Chet in Ash vs Evil Dead

Coming just in time for Halloween in 2016 was the episode “Confinement”. This episode reunited Ash with his old friend Chet Kaminski (Ted Raimi) once again, as both of them wind up in the Elk Grove Sheriff Station.

The Ghost Beaters and Ruby come to try and save Ash, but Baal also disguises himself as a police officer to try to wreak havoc. “Confinement” is also the first episode to show Pablo with the Sumerian writing all over his body, which would prove to be a huge issue for the gang.

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