Ash vs. Evil Dead Celebrates Ash Wednesday With New Action Figure

STARZ's Ash vs. Evil Dead celebrates Ash Wednesday with the reveal of a new collectible Ash Williams action figure produced by NECA.

Ash vs Evil Dead Asylum Ash action figure (photo: NECA)

Ash vs. Evil Dead is celebrating Ash Wednesday with a look at the new Ash Williams action figure based on the blood-spattered TV series. In 2015, about 23 years after the release of Army of Darkness, Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell) returned to his Deadite-slaying ways with Ash vs. Evil Dead, marking the long-awaited return of the cult horror movie antihero. Presented in a 10-part, unrated series on STARZ, the show quickly reacquainted fans of the excessive blood, guts and goop of the original Evil Dead movie trilogy and added a pair of ass-kicking cohorts named Kelly and Pablo (Dana DeLorenzo and Ray Santiago) to help Ash take on Ruby (Lucy Lawless), a new agent of evil.

Thanks to big interest in Ash's return, season 2 of Ash vs. Evil Dead got the go-ahead just as season 1 got underway, and season 3 will bring 10 more episodes of the series beginning February 25. To meet the demands for merchandise related to the series, collectibles company NECA started producing, among other things, 7-inch action figures of some of the show's characters. Now, just in time for season 3, the collectibles company is revealing its latest figure of the square-jawed, chainsaw-handed, boomstick-slingin' Ash.

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Appropriately, NECA celebrated Ash on Ash Wednesday, but it had nothing to do with the beginning of the Catholic observance of Lent. Instead the company revealed a look at the final packaging and the figure of Ash in his asylum duds from season 2, when he was committed to an institution by the creepy villain Baal (Joel Tobeck) in the guise of a doctor of psychiatry. Like the previous versions of Ash's action figures, the Asylum Ash comes with his chainsaw, his boomstick and an alternate head. See the figure in the tweet below:

Happy #AshWednesday

— NECA (@NECA_TOYS) February 14, 2018

The Asylum Ash figure is one of three figures in Series 2 of NECA's Ash vs. Evil Dead line, which will also include the grown-up version of one of Ruby's evil spawn, as well as Henrietta (Ted Raimi), the infamous Deadite from Evil Dead 2 who resurfaced at the end of the series last season. While official images of the Evil Spawn and Henrietta figures in packaging have yet to be released by NECA, both releases are pictured on the back of the Asylum Ash box.

In all likelihood, NECA will have all three figures from Ash vs. Evil Dead Series 2 on display when the International Toy Fair in New York City gets underway this weekend. And with any luck, the company will feature a third series introducing Kelly, Pablo and Ruby to the line. Sure to be on display is NECA's full-scale replica of the Ashy Slashy hand puppet (see the original in the photo above), which terrorized Ash and Kelly in the asylum scenes and is ready to haunt fans in its full glory.

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Ash vs. Evil Dead season 3 premieres Sunday, February 25 on STARZ.

Source: NECA

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