New 'Ash Vs. Evil Dead' Images Promise Blood & One-Liners

Ash vs Evil Dead on Starz

In the early 1980s, best friends Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell journeyed into the woods to film a horror movie. The budget was small and the production was full of setbacks, but eventually what came out of their efforts was The Evil Dead. The film was generally well-received, earning enough money for an eventual sequel. Evil Dead II burst onto the scene in 1987, sacrificing some of the horror elements of the previous film for more comedic overtones that ultimately made this film a B-Movie classic.

Bruce Campbell starred as Ash Williams in the series, a stock boy turned hero who's always quick with a one-liner. Fans fell in love with the character and have been calling for more since Army of Darkness (the third Evil Dead film) launched in 1993. Though the character has appeared in numerous video games and comic books, Ash will be returning to the screen for the first time in the upcoming Starz television series: Ash Vs. Evil Dead.

EW has just released two more images from the upcoming series, both featuring a bloodied Ash. The first photo features Bruce Campbell as Ash alongside Ray Santiago as Pablo Simon Bolivar, Ash's sidekick in the series. The photo also features the return of Sam Raimi's 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88, a staple of the film series. Bruce Campbell expressed his excitement for the car's return in an interview with EW.

"Sam's original Delta is back. I'm talking the '73 Delta 88. The Classic is back! I've driven it. I did a William Shatner power-slide in that car. That's the only spoiler I'm gonna give you: that Ash and that car, we can powerslide. I met William Shatner on the convention circuit and I talked about 'T.J. Hooker.' He talked to me about how he power-slides those cars in 'T.J. Hooker.' So I took Shatner's advice and I used that advice to do a 'T.J. Hooker' combo-platter-- with the Classic -- power-slide."

Ash Vs. Evil Dead cast members

The second image shows Ash wielding his trademark "boomstick" and chainsaw, covered in congealing blood. He looks to be shouting a challenge to whatever monster he is fighting, likely with a healthy dose of trash-talk. Campbell promises plenty of it as well as the return of Ash's one-liners in the upcoming series.

"There's going to be a lot of the classic, over-the-top, in-your-face fullness with a pretty trash-talking Ash. In a TV series, people gotta talk, so Ash will have more dialogue than he's pretty much ever had. There's a pretty high count of Ash's classic one-liners. They're back and they're strong and they're flourishing!"

Bruce Campbell in Ash Vs. Evil Dead

Stars will be bringing the series to San Diego Comic-Con this year, dedicating a panel to the series that will feature both Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell. Attendees will likely be treated to the first look at footage from the upcoming show. The series began production earlier this year in New Zealand and should have enough footage for a full trailer.

Though the film series has a large and dedicated fan base, it will be a challenge for the series to find viewers outside of that. Though very different in tone, the series will likely be competing against The Walking Dead for the general audience (though Campbell says the Deadites will be more appealing than regular zombies). The show has a lot of potential to carve its own path, but expect many comparisons to AMC's series at first.

Regardless of the show's future, one thing is certain: The King is back, and it's about time.

Ash Vs. Evil Dead premieres Fall 2015 on Starz.

Source: EW

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