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Ash Williams was last seen killing deadites in a department store in Army of Darkness, but in 2013 he came back in Ash vs Evil Dead, and a lot of things happened in between. Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead introduced a new type of hero in Bruce Campbell’s Ash Williams, although Ash as viewers have come to know him had his beginning in Evil Dead II, which retold part of the events of the first film and gave Ash a new personality and story.

His adventures continued in Army of Darkness after being sent back in time to England in 1300 AD. Ash ultimately went back to his time, but not without messing up on one last occasion, allowing the deadites to tag along. After a long break, fans reunited with Ash in Ash vs Evil Dead and they had a lot to catch up with, especially because the Evil Dead timeline went through some changes – again.

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Ash went back home to Elk Grove after the events in Evil Dead, but no one believed his story about the deadites – not even his father, who believed he killed his little sister, his girlfriend, and his friends at the cabin. This, along with everyone nicknaming him “Ashy Slashy”, prompted him to leave and travel down the country in his Oldsmobile with an Airstream trailer hooked to it. He went from trailer park to trailer park, from stock-boy job to stock-boy job, and tried many methods to destroy the Necronomicon. Ash eventually went back to Elk Grove to live his life under his own terms until he (once more) awoke the Kandarian Demon by accident after getting stoned in Ash vs Evil Dead.

Bruce Campbell's Ash vs. Evil Dead set for season 2

Ash vs Evil Dead took a lot of liberties with the Evil Dead timeline, even erasing some details from canon. Evil Dead II retold the first film but the series decided to make that non-canon, instead taking the events from the first film as they were, but with the Ash that was introduced in the second film. Due to legal issues with Universal, Army of Darkness couldn’t be mentioned in the first season, but they were later resolved and season 2 acknowledged it in a hallucinogenic trip where Ash remembered his time in the Middle Ages.

This presents yet another continuity error as he supposedly went back home after Evil Dead, but the Army of Darkness events took place right after the killings in the cabin (but in another time). Then again, it’s a world with deadites where the safety of a town is in the hands of a man like Ash Williams, so anything can happen and will continue to be very confusing yet very entertaining – you never know when he will mess up again.

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