Thor's Sister To Lead Marvel's ASGARDIANS of The Galaxy

Thor's half-sister is assembling a team of heroes to become Marvel's new ASGARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. After being teased by the comics publisher, and after the cosmic outlaws known as the Guardians of the Galaxy saw their comic series end earlier this year, these colorful characters from Thor's corner of the Marvel Universe are getting their time in the spotlight.

Whether it's Thor's sibling, one of Asgard's mighty Valkyrie, or the Frog who possessed the power of Thor (you read the right), the most unlikely of Asgardians just became one of the most intriguing new titles set to debut in just a few months. So... what are the Asgardians of the Galaxy being assembled for?

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The early details from Marvel confirm little beyond the fact that these new Asgardians will be "spinning out of the events of INFINITY WARS," the coming event preceded by Marvel's Infinity Countdown event. As expected given the assembled cast, the comic is promised to be an "epic space opera" from writer Cullenn Bunn and artist Matteo Lolli.

Before we get into the cast of Asgardians, take a look at the first official image:

The roster of heroes is led by Angela, the Asgardian half-sister of Thor Odinson. Half-sister because, unlike Thor, Angela was actually born of Odin and his wife Freyja (unlike Thor, born of Odin and Gaea). Kidnapped and presumed murdered by the Angels of Heven, Odin severed the realm from Yggdrasil... leaving Angela to grow into a fierce warrior who seems to be wearing her loyalty to Asgard as a badge of honor now.

Joining her is the Valkyrie Brunnhilde, whose presence makes sense as one of Odin's fabled women warriors - and the fact that she shares a single body with Annabelle Riggs, a mortal. Skurge the Executioner is also on hand, after being made famous by Karl Urban's portrayal in Thor: Ragnarok, as well as Thunderstrike, the now-adult Kevin Masterson who claimed the mace of the same name from his father (who served in Thor's place when the Odinson went missing).

And if the comparisons to the exiting Guardians of the Galaxy is being invited, then the roles of Rocket Raccoon and Groot are being handled by Throg and the Destroyer. One, the whimsical tale that saw a college athlete cursed into the form of a frog, who befriended Thor when also in the form of a frog, and one day claimed his own hammer, Frogjolnir. The other, a powerful suit of Asgardian armor designed to battle a Celestial, but now powered by... well, that's the first mystery fans can look forward to facing.

Asgardians of the Galaxy arrive in the Marvel Comics Universe this September, 2018.

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