Artemis Fowl Trailer Breakdown: 10 Secrets & Things You Missed

Artemis and Butler's World Gets Bigger

In the books, Artemis is remarkably unflappable for a 12 year-old boy - but in this trailer we see even Butler look stunned at the reveal of a whole new world. After the Ho Chi Minh City sprite transforms, the teaser trailer cuts to a reaction shot of Artemis and Butler looking utterly stunned. This is also our best look at Butler, who is black with white hair and striking blue eyes in the movie - a departure from his described appearance in the books.

A Fowl Place To Live

Whoever said that crime doesn't pay? The teaser trailer for Artemis Fowl offers a good look at the boy genius' home, Fowl Manor, which appears to be in a remote location and surrounded by woodland. That's just as well, because based on the rest of the teaser, it looks like there's going to be some action going down at Fowl Manor that would definitely attract the attention of any neighbours.

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Artemis Tries Out Some Fairy Weaponry

Wearing his distinctive shades that readers will recognize from the covers of the Artemis Fowl books, Artemis can be seen in this shot using some kind of fairy gun to fend off attackers - perhaps even the fairies themselves. As mentioned before, Artemis is no ordinary child, and while his most powerful weapon is his brain (he generally depends on Butler for brawn), it looks like he'll be personally throwing himself into the fray in the movie.

Butler The Archer

As mentioned above, Butler is a highly effective bodyguard whose sheer strength frequently proves to be indispensable. Butler's weapon of choice is his beloved Sig Sauer, but in the trailer we see him trying out some fairy weaponry of his own - some kind of magical bow and arrow. It looks like Fowl Manor is under siege in this scene, and Artemis and Butler are working together to defend it.

A Villain Is Born

As mentioned previously, Artemis won't be quite as villainous in the movie as he is in the books - at least, not when the movie begins. However, judging by this badass shot of him walking towards the camera in his signature suit and shades, the movie title assembling around him, it seems like Artemis will come into his legacy as a criminal mastermind and a potentially enormous threat to the Lower Elements. Based on the wrecked backdrop of Fowl Manor's interior, however, it looks like LEPRecon will be bringing everything that they have to the fight.

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  • Artemis Fowl (2020) release date: May 29, 2020
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