Exclusive Arsenal Clip: Nicolas Cage is Back as His Deadfall Character

Nicolas Cage returns to play his Deadfall character Eddie in Screen Rant's exclusive clip from the upcoming movie Arsenal.

Arsenal Poster (Cropped)

Nicolas Cage never stops working, so it's no surprise to see him back on the screen playing yet another one of his memorably quirky characters. What is surprising is that this time around Cage is actually reprising a role he originated 25 years ago in a movie most everyone has forgotten about, except people who enjoy watching Nicolas Cage compilations on YouTube.

In 1993's Deadfall, Cage played a character named Eddie who, despite that movie's general lack of success, came to be renowned as one of the actor's craziest creations. If you've ever wanted to witness Cage in all the glory of his wackiness, just check out a YouTube compilation of his Deadfall moments. Perhaps it was the Internet's interest in this particular character that inspired Cage to bring him back all these years later.

In 2017's Arsenal, Cage returns to play Eddie with the same bizarre hair and mustache he sported in Deadfall. In the above exclusive clip from Arsenal, Eddie talks to Jonathon Schaech's character Mikey and offers him a proposition that we can only assume is not a healthy one.

Arsenal movie poster

The trailer for Arsenal features even more unhinged Nicolas Cage, and gives us a taste of the movie's story about sibling loyalty, crime and vengeance. In the film, Adrian Grenier and Jonathon Schaech play brothers who wind up in all sorts of trouble with Cage's crime boss and must turn to a detective friend (played by John Cusack) for help.

The movie sounds like an exciting blend of character drama and action, and with Cage involved you can be certain things will reach a pretty high level of insanity. A lot of the time Cage just seems to be playing a version of his stock "crazy guy," if he's not just coasting along playing himself, so to see him actually changing up his look and appearing to create an actual character (albeit one he's already created before), is intriguing to say the least.

It's unlikely that Cage's turn in Arsenal will represent a return to the form he showed back in the '90s when he was a perennial Oscar contender (and almost Superman), but it still looks like it should be very entertaining. YouTube folks will undoubtedly have a lot of fun cobbling together new compilations of strange moments from Cage's scenes in the film, if nothing else. Now if we could just get Cage to sign on for that Ronald Reagan biopic...

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