15 Most Attractive Arrowverse Villains

There’s just something about a bad boy or a bad girl. While everyone would probably prefer to actually be with a hero (or at least someone on the side of good), the villains of the world are often far more alluring-- it’s that devil may care attitude, that little smirk, and sometimes just that villains seem to have the best tailors.

There must be a bad-guy outlet mall doing a roaring trade somewhere in these fictional worlds, in order to kit all these villains out in form-fitting black leather and dapper suits. Yes, sometimes these attractive bad guys can be a little bit cliche, but not always-- there are some amazingly attractive villains that are wonderfully complicated, especially in the Arrowverse.

The worlds of Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl are packed with villains-- from the freak of the week appearances to regular foes and of course, the big bads of each season.

Some of these villains are the whole package, with personalities as attractive as their faces, while others were pretty terrible people… but at least they were pretty. Of course, being a CW show, pretty much every human in the Arrowverse is gorgeous, but these bad guys are just a cut above the rest - and we’d love to see any of them with just a little more screen time.

With that said, here are the 15 Most Attractive Arrowverse Villains.

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Legends of Tomorrow Doomworld Captain Cold
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15 Captain Cold (Leonard Snart)

Legends of Tomorrow Doomworld Captain Cold

Oh Captain, my Captain… Cold, that is. Leonard Snart may not have ended his time in the Arrowverse as a villain, but as a true her-- sacrificing himself to save his team. However, this Rogue definitely started out working against Team Flash.

As a professional thief, Captain Cold is incredibly intelligent (which is a hugely attractive attribute in anyone), capable of creating and executing detailed plans, as well as thinking on his feet when they inevitably go wrong.

He’s also incredibly charming and confident, with an incredible voice and a gleam in his eye that would be impossible to resist. Admittedly, he’s not always the easiest to get along with, and he certainly has a chequered past, but we think he’s gorgeous just the same-- even in that giant parka.

14 Killer Frost (Caitlin Snow)

Caitlin Snow now has her frosty alter-ego in check, and the two have formed a kind of truce to share her body, for a while there, Killer Frost was a serious threat to Team Flash (especially because no one wants to hurt the villainous version of a person they care about).

Another incredibly intelligent villain (her alter ego is a doctor, after all), Killer Frost’s look is much more daring and attention-grabbing than Cailtlin's, as she loves lots of tight black leather and low-cut costumes… and she absolutely suits them.

The blue lips and white skin and hair may not be for everyone, but Killer Frost definitely has a gorgeous look that she rocks - and she plays up the bad-girl side of herself brilliantly.

13 Music Meister

So, it seemed for a while like this extradimensional being was about to take over the world, having trapped Supergirl and The Flash in another universe… but in the end, he really just wanted to teach them some important lessons about love.

He’s also absolutely charming-- who can resist a man that can sing and dance like that? He’s got toes a-tapping and a twinkle in his eye, and he fits that "tall, dark and handsome" stereotype to a T.

He’s also incredibly powerful, which has it’s own appeal, and the simple fact that this brunette bad guy isn’t really a bad guy, but a mischief-making extradimensional being teaching people about love makes him more sweet than intimidating.

12 Cupid (Carrie Cutter)

Cupid Arrow

There’s no denying that this redhead is a total stunner, even if she is absolutely stark raving mad. Carrie Cutter is also a former police officer, making her smart, capable and well-trained, and her skills with a bow and arrow are truly impressive.

Ok, so she used those skills to murder people in an attempt to get the attention of the vigilante she was obsessed with, but nobody’s perfect. This gorgeous gal knows how to rock a red lip (and a stunning red dress), as well as some of the obligatory dark villain leather.

She’s got a twinkle in her eye and she knows that she’s attractive-- killer or not, we’d probably still take this lovesick lady for a drink or three.

11 Malcolm Merlyn

Bad TV Dad Malcolm Merlyn

Malcolm Merlyn has spent his time in the Arrowverse playing jump rope with the line between good and evil, and he’s become the bad guy that we love to hate along the way.

On the one hand, he is a ruthless killer, the Dark Archer, and an ex-member of the League of Assassins. He’s brainwashed his own daughter into killing her friend, planned the Undertaking, and joined forces with Damien Darhk and Reverse Flash to create the Legion of Doom.

On the other hand, he’s often helped Team Arrow, protects his daughter fiercely, and if we’re honest, he’s an incredibly handsome man. He’s got that same bad-guy twinkle that makes fans weak at the knees, and his passionate protection of his kids is certainly appealing.

10 China White (Chien Na Wei)

Kelly Hu as China White in Arrow

If you like your ladies with snow-white tresses, the Arrowverse has got plenty of options for you. China White is one of many villainesses with white hair, which is one of the reasons for her nickname (the more obvious one being that it’s a mispronunciation of her actual name, Chien Na Wei).

Whether she is in her little red dress or that villain-black-leather (again), this woman is an incredibly skilled fighter and can hold her own as the Triad’s top mercenary and assassin.

This is definitely a woman whose beauty is only on the outside, though, as she is a ruthless killer, drug lord, and villain with plenty of plans to destroy entire cities for personal gain. She’s still alive in the Arrowverse, too, so we may not have seen the last of the beautiful China White.

9 Bronze Tiger (Ben Turner)

Michael Jai White as the Bronze Tiger

Fans didn’t get to see a whole lot of Bronze Tiger, who had only a brief stint in the Arrowverse as a capable mercenary before he was recruited to Task Force X (aka the Suicide Squad) and killed with his own signature weapons.

This tall, dark, and handsome man wasn’t exactly the best kind of human, and actually seemed to take a lot of pleasure in fighting and in killing people… but he is an incredibly talented killer, and his fighting moves were a joy to watch.

His use of claws might have been unusual, but he made them work, and even made them look good while doing it. We would have loved to see some more of this killer eye candy, but not all villains can make it on the show long enough to become heroes.

8 Black Siren (Earth 2 Laurel Lance)

The original Laurel Lance was far from a villain-- she was a close friend to Team Arrow, and fought alongside them as Star City’s Black Canary for many years. Her Earth 2 doppelgänger, on the other hand, is a villain through and through.

She’s also rocking a very different look to the original Laurel, with the same kind of steamy black leather that Killer Frost is such a fan of. With a choker, fishnet sleeves, and a love of black lipstick, this is the kind of attractive goth bad girl that absolutely appeals to anyone wanting to take a little walk on the wild side.

However, she’s certainly evil, and while most of the Earth-2 doppelgängers have ended up back home, Black Siren is still around on Earth 1, working with various villains and gleefully using her familiar face to mess with Team Arrow.

7 Chase

Austin Butler as Chase in Arrow

As another short-lived villain with a pretty face, this stunning DJ showed up to play at Verdant when Thea Queen was owner, and at first, it seemed that he was simply interested in charming his new boss into a date.

It wasn’t too hard, either, with his chiselled cheekbones and long hair. Chase was also incredibly confident in his abilities (to the point of being cocky), and that always adds a certain kind of charm… although we later learned that this was all an act.

Instead of being a slightly arrogant and very attractive club DJ, Chase was actually a member of the League of Assassins, sent to try and kill Thea. No one is a fan of cyanide in their wine, but up until that point, there’s no denying that Chase was a great date.

6 Bug-Eyed Bandit (Brie Larvan)

You might not expect a villain with a name like "Bug-Eyed Bandit" to be particularly attractive, but Brie Larvan’s super-name wasn’t related to her physical appearance. Instead, she got her moniker because of her swarm of robotic bees.

Brie is actually gorgeous, with long blonde hair and glasses (for that steamy librarian vibe), and her face isn’t the only stunning thing about her; this girl is incredibly intelligent.

As a mechanical engineer, she became a villain using her mind, and watching her in a hacker battle with another blonde computer geek was just incredible. She may be a little too bitter to be truly beautiful on the inside, but she’s still a surprise stunner for the Arrowverse.

5 Weather Wizard (Mark Mardon)

The Flash Mark Mardon Weather Wizard

One of the Flash’s earliest foes was the metahuman Weather Wizard, aka Mark Mardon. This bank robber turned supervillain didn’t bother with crazy costumes, either, preferring a simple black leather jacket and a gorgeous smirk on his face.

With a little bit of a beard for everyone who likes their men with facial hair, Mark is certainly the more attractive of the Mardon brothers, with dimples to melt even the sternest of foes.

He’s got tons of charm, and his incredibly flashy powers have their own appeal-- an attractive man who can call down lightning? Fans of Marvel’s Thor are sure to carry a bit of a torch for this Flash freak-of-the-week, and we’re hoping to see more of him soon.

4 Nora Darhk

Nora Darhk possessed by Mallus in Legends of Tomorrow

Nora’s first appearance was only a brief cameo when she was a young girl, but now the daughter of Damien Darhk is all grown up and causing chaos for the Legends of Tomorrow.

She may not be particularly attractive when channeling the spirit of Mallus, of course (unless you happen to like entirely red eyes and a gravelly voice), but when she’s herself, Nora is absolutely gorgeous.

The period costumes that the Legends of Tomorrow crew get to wear don’t hurt, either - whether dressed up in Victorian dresses or the beautifully cut skirts of Old Hollywood, Nora knows how to make villainy look amazing.

This gorgeous brunette is also just getting started, and now that she’s got her father back at her side, Nora is sure to cause all kinds of trouble in the second half of this season.

3 Mr Mxyzptlk

Peter Gadiot as Mr. Mxyzptlk

His name might be unpronounceable, but his face more than makes up for it. Mr Mxyzptlk first appeared to propose to Supergirl, an extra-dimensional being with a heaping helping of charm and energy.

His absolute devotion is adorable, as is his floppy dark hair and sweet smile, but be warned; this attractive man from the Fifth Dimension is more than a little bit arrogant and not too keen on taking no for an answer.

He’s also got some serious reality-warping magic, which definitely has it’s perks - a date with this energetic guy could mean literally anything could happen… but it can also get a little bit scary when he goes overboard. The appeal of his slightly crazy approach would quickly sour, but we’ll happily take his reality-altering smile in the short term.

2 Kuasa

Legends of Tomorrow Kuasa

A relative newcomer to the Arrowverse, Kuasa is now teaming up with Nora Darhk, and these two ladies are definitely going to cause some trouble for the Legends of Tomorrow very soon.

Kuasa herself is an incredibly striking woman, with perfect lips and cheekbones you could cut yourself on. This is no sweet or shy girl, and is definitely a villainess to appeal to the kind of person who loves a powerful woman-- she’s got some restraint, but when Kuasa lets loose, she can kick some serious butt.

With her connection to Amaya, it’s always possible that Kuasa could come around to the side of good, but for the moment, we are loving this brand new beautiful villain on the dark side of the Arrowverse.

1 Deathstroke (Slade Wilson)

Slade Wilson and Oliver Queen have a long history together, and have been both friend and foe many times over. For the most part, however, Deathstroke has lived up to his intimidating name as a villain in the Arrowverse-- albeit a particularly attractive one.

His rugged features and incredible beard give him a phenomenally manly look, and his physical prowess and fighting abilities certainly don’t hurt, either. He’s not the most attractive when freaking out on Mirakuru, of course, but he recent transformation from mother-stabbing villain to loving father has certainly made him a whole lot more appealing.

Still, even at his villainous worst, Slade scrubbed up nicely in a suit and tie when he was torturing Oliver by insinuating himself into the Queen family.


Can you think of any other Arrowverse villains who deserve to be here? Sound off in the comment section!

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