20 Wild Fan Redesigns Of Unexpected Arrowverse Couples

The Arrowverse is definitely one of the most populous live-action superhero universes, after the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Possibly more so because, unlike the MCU, the Arrowverse also takes place on multiple Earths, which makes multiple versions of characters.

All the many characters introduced over the years has led to some interesting talk of couple combinations amongst fans. Some are easier to support than others. For every Oliver/Felicity or Iris/Barry, there’s a definitely another pairing that can seem a bit out there or, at least, unlikely to happen.

For every popular pairing, there’s one that’s like John Constantine/Kara Danvers or a Captain Cold/Heat Wave. These pairings become popular either because a) people think it would be interesting or b) interactions between the characters make sense to fans in a romantic context. It can definitely lead to some interesting corners of the fandom, especially for one as character rich as the Arrowverse. Fans' creative minds get going and map out whole new arcs for their favorite characters that will never be seen on screen.

In the end, however, for those of us who don’t support the bigger pairings of said universe, we need to make our own content. Videos, GIFs, graphics, fan fiction, and, of course, fan art allows some of the less loved corners of the fandom to get out their creative urges. More importantly, we get to say how things could turn out in another timeline or another Earth. After all, it’s a pretty big multiverse out there.

These are 20 Wild Fan Redesigns Of Unexpected Arrowverse Couples. 

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20 Supergirl/Green Arrow

While their evil Earth-X counterparts were married, the main Kara and Oliver haven’t had a ton of interaction together. Honestly? It’s kind of a shame. Stephen Amell and Melissa Benoist have pretty decent chemistry.

It’s well established that Oliver prefers good-natured yet tough blondes.

In this redesign, courtesy of Mistress of Time, we see a sweet moment where Oliver is showing Kara how to fire a bow. It would honestly be pretty fun in universe to see the characters wielding the weapons of their compatriots. After all, you never know when you’ll need to use it. We’re surprised it hasn’t happened yet.

19 Sara Lance/Mick Rory

There are few people that Mick Rory will willingly take orders from without a fight. Sara Lance has become one of those people.

While Mick’s issues with authority butt up against Sara’s status as Captain from time to time, he has taken to listening to her when it counts in season three of Legends. Plus, they’re both part of the few people who really understood the complex layers of Leonard Snart (Earth-1 version).

In this art by BiazeRod, Sara and Mick strike a pose together. Well, Sara strikes the pose, Mick’s certainly making an attempt for it.

There’s definitely something interesting in seeing them together. There’s few people who can understand Sara’s inner darkness and fewer still who can command Mick.

18 Lena Luthor/Kara Danvers

The biggest pairing in the Supergirl fandom comes courtesy of Lena Luthor and Kara Danvers. Affectionately referred to as "SuperCorp" by fans, many are hoping to see more prime Kara-Lena moments in season four.

Since this is a popular pairing, there is an abundance of fanart throughout the fandom. Most times, you just need to make your own content in order to get by.

Out of the abundance of drawings, this lovely one from summerfelldraws shows a sweet moment of Lena applying her own lipstick onto Kara lips.

It’s surprisingly playful and definitely beautiful.

It just seems to capture an essence of a romantic relationship.

17 Slade Wilson/Oliver Queen

Sometimes there are pairings of good and bad guys, and it brings up a variety of questions. Could this relationship work out? Could a villain and a hero fall in love? Can love heal or corrupt?

Well, we can’t answer that - it’s more of a metaphysical sort of thing. Sometimes, however, people can have a relationship that leads to tension. One those tense relationships is between Slade Wilson and Oliver Queen.

Tsukiharu doesn’t show a Deathstroke/Green Arrow pairing, but instead focuses on the flashbacks from the time of Lian Yu when they were just Slade and Oliver. Also the artist made Oliver’s island hair way more believable than that wig.

16 Supergirl/The Flash

Given how much chemistry Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist have, it’s shocking that they never interacted on Glee. Kara Danvers and Barry Allen seem to bring out the best, most adorkable parts of each other. It’s a shame that there aren’t more brief cameos between the two shows. Needless to say, it’s unsurprising that the small yet passionate "Superflash" fans exist. They’re just so sweet together.

In this cute moment from Dark Litria, we see that nice character chemistry in action.

Kara and Barry are suited up, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be a little flirty about it.

Now can we please have them team-up more in the next crossover? Better yet, give us another musical episode.

15 Atom/Cisco

Ray Palmer and Cisco Ramon are both adorable rays of sunshine in their respective shows. When teamed together, it's an explosion of sweet, nerdy positivity that makes the world seems like a better place. Sometimes we just need to see people who truly enjoy their work together. Naturally, it makes sense that people would like to see more of Cisco and Ray teaming up.

In this drawing from Lord Mesa, we see Cisco hitching a ride from Ray Palmer in his full Atom suit. Cisco clearly enjoys himself and even Ray is cracking a smile.

It’s definitely great to see two people who love being superheroes have a moment to enjoy the fun of it together.

14 Sam Arias/Alex Danvers 

Sam Arias became a real tour de force in Supergirl’s third season. It’s unsurprising that fans responded to her. Given the amount of time she spends with Lena and Alex, it’s equally unsurprising that those are the two most common characters fans have paired her with.

Maybe Reign needed love instead of an evil Kryptonian controlling her.

In this drawing from INKrediblyS, we see Alex pitch some serious woo on Sam Arias, presenting her with flowers. Given the way that Sam is touching Alex’s cheek, she is definitely into it.

This would have been a post-Maggie relationship that we would like to see explored for Alex.

13 The Flash/Caitlin Snow 

The "Snowbarry" fans are dogged in their affections for their favorite pairing, and have been since the very first episode of The Flash. The affection remains reverent as ever, even five seasons in.

We can’t deny that Caitlin and Barry have a very special relationship in the show, even if it firmly remains in the friendship category.

Still, there is definitely an abundance of fan art for this pairing.. Coming from RussiaNet, this gorgeous and photorealistic Caitlin/Barry art is simply stunning. It's resembles the poster for teen romance The Fault in Our Stars.

12 Sara Lance/Batwoman

We’re still not over the fact that Kate Kane will be making her live-action debut in the 2018 Arrowverse crossover. While Sara Lance is happily committed to Ava Sharpe, there is that thought that Sara would enjoy Kate’s company.

In our heart of hearts, we are hoping for some interaction between the two superheroes. We’re all for our fave LGBT+ characters kicking some bad guy butt.

Nick-Perks has definitely captured what we’re hoping will be an epic meeting. This drawing was done pre-announcement of Kate’s joining the Arrowverse. It certainly looks like she will fit right in, especially as she and Sara eye each other up.

We’re just hoping that Kate’s costume looks just as good as Nick-Perks drew it.

11 The Flash/Captain Cold

Another enduring fan pairing in the Arrowverse is Leonard Snart and Barry Allen.

There’s just something about a bad guy reforming to the side of good.

Barry did have a large part in Earth-1’s Snart’s turn to heroism. He wasn’t nice, but he did end up becoming a hero in the end. That’s all we can really ask for.

In this drawing from mick347, we see Barry knocked out in Snart’s arms. Snart looks fairly upset that someone dare hurt him.

It’s definitely a nice nod to some of the classic hero poses with the damsel in distress.

10 Supergirl/Livewire

Supergirl and Livewire had always had a strange sort of adversarial relationship. It was kind of like Barry and Snart in that way.

Leslie is definitely not Kara’s friend, but she is willing to help out when her help is needed. Kara believes that Leslie can be a better person than she makes herself out to be. In the end, it leads to Leslie sacrificing her life for Kara, proving that she can definitely be a good person.

In this drawing from DarkLitria, there’s a cute moment of Kara braiding Leslie’s hair. While it was definitely a joke on Leslie’s part, it looks Kara will take it all to heart. To be fair, electricity powers or not, Leslie has to be dealing with some major frizz.

9 Killer Frost/The Flash

We don’t know exactly what’s going on with the origin story of Killer Frost in The Flash. What we do know, however, is that she and Caitlin consider themselves to be two people in one body. We also know that she’s defrosting toward Team Flash in general.

Killer Frost does seem to care about Barry Allen, even when she was a little psychotic.

She joins Savitar so easily because he reveals himself to be Barry, after all.

This drawing from Sark-Serna is definitely quite cute and much more playful than we would expect from their dynamic. Hopefully, we’ll see more Killer Frost and Barry interactions in season five.

8 Heatwave/Captain Cold

Mick Rory and Leonard Snart have known each other for decades. They have also been introduced and referred to as a pair. For the longest time, the duo only really had each other.

Once they were both regulars on the first season of Legends of Tomorrow, more fans noticed the chemistry between them.

Naturally, as with most things, it led to fans supporting a romantic relationship between them. It also led to fan art.

In this piece from justabitscrewy, we see the duo kitted out and ready to have some fun - possibly the illegal kind of fun given the smile on Mick’s face. Either way, it looks like Heatwave and Captain Cold are ready to turn the town upside down.

7 Harrison Wells/Killer Frost

The Arrowverse does not have a shortage of brilliant people. In fact, it seems like being incredibly smart is a bit of perquisite to be a superhero at times. It lleads to a lot of collaborations between these brilliant people. One pair that gets a lot of use is the team-up of Harrison Wells and Caitlin Snow. But what about Harrison and Killer Frost?

In this drawing for AceWest, we see the unexpected duo together in a nice blue and red contrast.

Frost is bathed in blue while Wells surrounded by red. Either way, it’s a brilliant piece of fan art.

6 Female Atom/Heatwave

Ray Palmer and Mick Rory partnering up tends to lead to some pretty hilarious moments. Ray is the embodiment of the Boy Scout. Mick Rory is a complicated sort of guy. When they’re teamed up, hilarity is bound to ensue.

Over the course of the series, the pair of them have become friends to say the least. Mick doesn’t want anyone to take Ray out but him.

Since the Legends end up in some weird situations, it makes sense that one of those would be reflected in a coupling.

This fanart from BlazeRod shows Ray Palmer and Mick Rory in a bit of a gender-bent mishap. Ray takes it in stride while Mick not-so-silently freaks out.

5 Constantine/Citizen Cold

One of the best things about John Constantine joining the cast of Legends of Tomorrow is that his orientation was finally made canon in a live-action iteration of the character.

What better way to show that Constantine is bi than by having him flirt with Earth-X’s Citizen Cold, or Leo Snart. While Leo turned Constantine down due to his relationship with The Ray on his Earth, we can’t help but wonder what that coupling would have looked like.

Thanks to hielorei over on Tumblr, we see Leo and Constantine in a very passionate embrace. It definitely makes us wish that Leo was single when he came on Earth-1 for a little bit. We can only hope that we’ll see more flirting from John throughout season four of Legends.

4 Oliver Queen/Barry Allen

Between all the various shows, Barry and Oliver definitely have a fairly special bond. Maybe it’s because that Oliver likes how Barry sees the best in others. It can also come from Barry truly believing in Oliver’s own heroism, especially at a time when Oliver didn’t believe in it. Either way, there’s usually a lot of sweet moments between the pair especially during the yearly crossovers.

Needless to say, this pairing has definitely remained in the hearts and minds of the Arrowverse fandom.

Courtesy of pencilHead7, we get this lovely drawing that shows the bond between Oliver and Barry. Oliver even sports a smile! It would be nice to see more of those in the future.

3 Harrison Wells/Eobard Thawne

This is probably one of those relationships that wouldn't be the healthiest thing in the world. One member is a violent sociopath who travelled back in time to assume a man’s identity. The other is that man’s alternate universe self. It’s Harry Wells and Eobard Thawne. These two, far as we can figure, have had no interaction onscreen. There’s still a history between them either way.

Coming from AceWest, this picture has a very unimpressed Harry staring down an Eobard who certainly looks a bit flirty. At least, he appears flirty judging by the stars next to him and the look on his face.

2 Rip Hunter/Gideon

This is another one of those pairings that was very loudly hinted at by the writers, but never entirely explored. In the time he knew the Legends, Rip Hunter was pretty much focused on grieving for his deceased wife and child. There wasn’t really much to focus on in the romance department.

He did seem to share a very special connection with the ship’s artificial intelligence, Gideon.

Gideon also seemed to be equally fond of Rip. They even shared a kiss in Rip’s brainwashed, hallucinating state.

Nothing really came of it, of course. We got a very nice nod to it from DarkLitria, who gives a sort of cyberpunk take on their doomed not-romance.

1 The Flash/Captain Cold

Of course this fan-beloved pairing would have to appear twice on our list!

In this adorable drawing from merildae, we see The Flash coming in from behind with hugs for Captain Cold. Seeing Barry Allen smiling and hugging Leonard Snart makes a nice change from the more intense art where Barry was unconscious.

Leonard definitely looks equal parts fond and amused as Barry wears his Captain Cold parka. The artist has captured a nice and sweet moment between the pair that fans would love to see on screen. Snart is just a secret softie and we all know it.


What unexpected couple are you rooting for in the Arrowverse? Let us know in the comments!

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