Arrowverse's Superman Show Doesn't Mean Supergirl Will Be Canceled

The Arrowverse is expanding once again with The CW developing a Superman and Lois series with Supergirl stars Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch. If ordered to series, Superman and Lois would join the 2020-2021 TV season from DC TV EP Greg Berlanti. With the Man of Steel being eyed for his own series, it raises questions about the Girl of Steel's future. Hoechlin has portrayed the iconic hero since the second season of the Melissa Benoist drama. Last year's crossover, Elseworlds, brought the Last Son of Krypton back along with the debut of Tulloch's Lois Lane. Following the great reception from fans and critics alike, the demand for a series centered on Superman and Lois was made clear.

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The duo is set to reprise their roles in this year's crossover that will adapt DC Comics' Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline. Prior to the news, nothing about their return indicated that a spin-off series was in the works. In the initial report, the series synopsis states it will follow the iconic couple as they "deal with all the stress, pressures and complexities that come with being working parents in today’s society." In addition, Superman and Lois will not be set up through Supergirl or the other DC series on the network. Through WBTVs' announcement, nothing indicated what a Tyler Hoechlin Superman show would mean for Supergirl. Currently, in its fifth season that will get the series to 100 episodes, Supergirl is the Arrowverse's third longest-running show.

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It didn't take long for people to stark speculating what this move could mean for the future of Supergirl. Season five is only four episodes in and fans are already suspecting the Superman announcement could foreshadow the coming end of Supergirl. The news has been looked at several perspectives on how Supergirl could be on its way out in the near future. Ratings have been a primary factor from fans claiming that the series is underperforming for the network. Averaging roughly 0.5 - 1.2 million viewers per episode, it's seeing standard numbers for most of CW's properties. Another concern has been whether or not there's room for two Super shows on the CW at once, given the similarities between the House of El cousins.

What's important to remember is how the Arrowverse has set up Kara and Clark in this DC continuity. Clark has operated as Superman long before Kara made it to Earth and is at a different point in his life as a hero and reporter. Despite being in her fifth year, Kara is still discovering a lot  about what it means to be a hero. Following his previous Supergirl spots and last year's crossover, he and Lois are starting a new chapter as a family. Their return in the five-hour event will officially introduce their child. Take their shared Kryptonian powers aside, Supergirl and Superman are vastly different as superheroes. Having Superman and Lois air at the same time as Supergirl wouldn't be repeating what her series has accomplished. There is no guarantee the shows would air at the same time with The CW enjoying splitting up their run of DC shows.

With the CW expanding to air original content during the summer, one of the Super-shows could easily start airing in late May. With The CW potentially having seven DC properties next season, it's inevitable that they'll save a few of them to air later in 2021. It's no secret that eventually Supergirl will come to an end whenever TPTB and network feel the time is right. Whether Supergirl concludes one or two seasons from now, it'll never be because her cousin got his own series. Currently, Supergirl airs after Batwoman on Sundays, a pair-up that will certainly lead for female-empowered crossovers post-Crisis.

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