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The Superheroes of Legends of Tomorrow

Originally founded by rogue Time Master Rip Hunter to help him stop the tyrant Vandal Savage from killing his wife and son, the Legends of Tomorrow would come to take on a variety of missions that involved both changing history for the better and stopping various villains from manipulating time for their own ends. Since averting Savage's rise to power in the future, the Legends have destroyed the corrupt Time Masters, brought about the final death of the Reverse Flash, thwarted the Legion of Doom from taking over the world and stopped the demon Mallus from destroying all of time. Currently, they are in the middle of tracking down rogue magical creatures released all around the time-stream, with the assistance of the infamous warlock John Constantine.

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  • Captain Rip Hunter - Time-Traveler. Inventor of The Time Sphere. Former Time Master. Founder of the Time Bureau.
  • Ray Palmer/The Atom - Super-genius scientist, whose ATOM suit allows him to shrink and grow.
  • Sara Lance/White Canary - Trained by the League of Assassins, this bird of prey later became Captain of the Legends.
  • Martin Stein/Firestorm I & II - A brilliant nuclear physicist and the brains behind Firestorm.
  • Jefferson "Jax" Jackson/Firestorm II - Former star athlete, master mechanic, and the brawn of the second Firestorm.
  • Leonard Snart/Captain Cold - Master criminal turned master of Absolute Zero. Wields a cold gun that freezes anything.
  • Mick Rory/Heat Wave - Arsonist and pyromaniac. Wields a flame-thrower capable of generating Planck temperature.
  • Carter Hall/Hawkman - Reincarnation of an Egyptian prince, trapped in an eternal cycle of rebirth thanks to Vandal Savage.
  • Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl - Reincarnation of an Egyptian priestess, doomed to be reborn across time until Vandal Savage dies.
  • Scythian Torvil - A future reincarnation of Hawkman from the 22nd century.
  • Kate Manser/Cinnamon - The Old West incarnation of Hawkgirl.
  • John Diggle Jr./Green Arrow II - Future version of John Diggle's son, who uses the name Connor Hawke. He becomes the new Green Arrow in the future of "Star City 2046".
  • Jonah Hex - An Old West lawman with a long association with Rip Hunter and a surprising amount of experience in dealing with time-travel and the extranormal.
  • Rex Tyler/Hourman - Leader of the Justice Society of America
  • Todd Rice/Obsidian - Shadow-manipulating mystery man. Member of the JSA.
  • Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl - Wielder of a strange cosmic staff, this JSA member went back in time, inspired the legend of Merlin and established a kingdom called Camelot.
  • Charles McInder/Doctor Mid-Nite - A medical doctor in his secret identity, this JSA member had the strange power of being blind in normal light but having enhanced senses in total darkness.
  • Henry Heywood/Commander Steel - A former combat pilot, recruited to the JSA after he took a bullet for then President Roosevelt.
  • Amaya Jiwe/Vixen II - Wielder of the Tantu Totem during WWII, she went on to join The Legends, before retiring to her native Zambesi in order to assure the birth of her granddaughters - the modern day Vixens.
  • Nathan Heywood/Steel - This historian-turned-hero gained the power to change his body into organic steel during his travels with the Legends.
  • Zari Tomaz - A hacktivist from the year 2042 and wielder of the Zambesi Air Totem.
  • Kuasa Jiwe/Vixen III - Once a selfish woman who sought to steal the power of the Zambesi totems for herself, a change to the timeline saw her raised right. She now shares the power of the Spirit Totem with her sister, Mari.
  • John Constantine - Self-proclaimed Master of the Dark Arts, confidence trickster, and (shockingly) the Time Bureau's best hope of imprisoning various time-lost magical beasts.

The Superheroes of The Ray

Collectively known as the Freedom Fighters, the heroes of Earth-X fight a never-ending battle for Truth and Justice against the Nazi forces that haven taken over much of their world. It was a battle which Ray Terrill of Earth-1 took up as his own, after he acquired the light-manipulation powers of his Earth-X doppelganger. With the assistance of the Supergirl and Alex Danvers of Earth-38 as well as the heroes of Earth-1, Ray was eventually able to save his adopted home-world in the event that became known as Crisis on Earth-X.

  • Ray Terrill I/The Ray I - The first Ray, who was born on Earth-X.
  • Ray Terrill II/ The Ray II - Born on Earth 1, this version of Ray Terrill took up his doppelganger's mantle and cause as his own. becoming a literal beacon of hope to the people of Earth-X.
  • Phantom Lady - This heroine possesses the powers of teleportation and shadow manipulation.
  • John/Black Condor - This bird-themed hero has the power to fly and control the flow of air around him.
  • Leo Snart /Citizen Cold - The Earth-X version of Captain Cold, he is far more optimistic and kindhearted than Leonard Snart.
  • Cisco Ramon II/ Vibe II - The Earth-X version of Cisco Ramon, it was he who helped the first Ray escape to Earth 1.
  • The Red Tornado II - Built by the Winn Schott of Earth-X, this wind-manipulating android was the Freedom Fighters' secret weapon.
  • Darrel/ Dollman - This hero possessed the power to shrink down to the size of a doll.
  • James Olsen - The Earth-X version of James Olsen fought the Nazi forces with a shield, much like his Earth-38 counterpart, Guardian. His codename was never revealed but his shield bore the colors of the American flag.

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