Arrowverse Stars Speak Out Against Sexual Harassment

Stars of TV's Arrowverse are speaking out against sexual harassment. After the #MeToo movement on social media and the many allegations made against Harvey Weinstein, it seems like not a day can go by without another member of the entertainment industry facing accusations of inappropriate sexual behavior. Louis C. K. recently joined that list of names, going on to admit that the accusations made against him are true. But before the dust can even settle from that revelation, others accusations against people in the industry have already cropped up. Among them is Andrew Kreisberg, the producer behind Arrow, Supergirl, The Flash, and Legends of Tomorrow. Fans of the Arrowverse have of course been upset and vocal about this subject, but now the stars within the shows of the Arrowverse have begun adding their voices to the call for indecent behavior to be held accountable.

Foremost among those taking a stand is the star of Supergirl herself, Melissa Benoist. In a tweet sent on November 12, the star does not directly name Kreisberg, but the timing of this leaves little doubt as to what she is alluding to in an incident she describes as “heartbreaking.” In case there was still any ambiguity, Benoist’s lengthy tweet mentions how despite her show standing for empowerment and feminism, that her career and the Supergirl show exist in a field where those qualities will not always be demonstrated.

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Benoist ends her tweet vowing to return to Supergirl with the goal of making sure it is a safe environment and that those who speak up will be heard. This comes after Kreisberg has had 19 people who have worked with him accuse him of being sexually inappropriate with them and has been suspended while he is under investigation. Others in the entertainment world, such as Louis C. K. and Kevin Spacey, have had the projects they were attached to left up in the air following the accusations against them. So it’s unclear what might become of the Arrowverse after the investigation into Kreisberg.

— Melissa Benoist (@MelissaBenoist) November 13, 2017

Benoist isn’t the only member of the Arrowverse speaking up in support of the accusers either. Emily Bett Rickards, who plays Felicty Smoak on Arrow, also sent out a tweet yesterday in response to the situation. Rickards doesn’t mince words in her response, calling men who perpetuate rape culture “weak”, and saying women who have spoken up against their accusers are “heroines.”

— Emily Bett Rickards (@EmilyBett) November 13, 2017

This all comes hot on the heels of Gal Gadot declaring she will not return for Wonder Woman 2 unless Warner Bros. severs ties with filmmaker Brett Ratner, who has also been accused of sexual harassment. The stars of these movies and shows are making it clear where they stand, using the leverage of their positions to push for a change.

It remains to be seen what will become of Kreisberg. He claims the incidents of touching he is accused of were not meant to be sexual, but we’ll see of what comes from the investigation. However, going by the strong statements of Benoist and Rickards, it sounds pretty clear this situation isn’t one they’ll be forgetting about.

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Source: Melissa Benoist, Emily Bett Rickards (see tweets)

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