15The Flash: Make Barry Allen Likable Again

The Flash Season 3 Finish Line Barry Allen

There are a lot of ways in which The Flash has gotten off track in recent years, but the one that has been most detrimental to the show has been Barry’s descent into misery and self-obsession.

When The Flash debuted, Barry was presented as a very clear contrast to the

brooding Oliver Queen, an example to the world that heroes could endure tragedy and hardship and still face the world with the earnest intent to do the right thing.

Somewhere along the line, Barry lost sight of that moral compass, indulging in personal vendettas and timeline altering shenanigans he knew would likely have dire consequences. It did genuine damage to the likability of DC TV’s flagship superhero. The show has to find a way to make Barry more like that charming young hero from its sterling first season.

Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in Arrow
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