Predicting What 2020's New Arrowverse Show Will Be

New Arrowverse Shows 2020

What will be the next show to join The CW's Arrowverse in 2020? It's a question that has set fans' minds racing since the announcement of the 2019 crossover event Crisis On Infinite Earths and the end of Arrow after eight seasons. With Arrow's time slot freed and Crisis poised to merge the many Earths of the Arrowverse into a single shared reality, there are near infinite possibilities for what new shows might emerge in the coming year.

This question has taken on a new urgency in the wake of The CW's confirmation that a new Arrowverse show is in the works for 2020. However, no formal announcement has even hinted at just what the show might be. Will it be a spin-off from one of the existing series? Or will it be something wholly original, perhaps starring a character to be introduced as part of Crisis on Infinite Earths?

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At this point there is no solid information as to what the new Arrowverse series will be. That said, there have been enough comments from behind the scenes to allow for some educated guesswork. Here is our rundown of all the shows that are rumored to be coming to the Arrowverse and some that fans hope to see someday.

Star City 2040

Arrow Star City 2040

The clear front-runner in the race to join the Arrowverse is a spin-off based on the dystopian world of Star City 2040, first seen in the flash-forward storyline of Arrow season 7. The story opened with William Clayton, Oliver Queen's estranged son from a one-night-stand he'd had in college, returning to Star City following a strange signal attached to a family heirloom. His quest brought him into contact with Star City's new vigilantes, including his old friend Zoe Ramirez (daughter of Wild Dog), who had become one of the many new Black Canaries making up the Canary Network. It also led him to an underground pit fighter called Blackstar, who was later revealed to be his half-sister Mia Smoak, daughter of Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen.

With the assistance of Mia's contact and sometimes lover Connor Hawke (an agent of the federal group Knightwatch, as well as John Diggle's adopted son), the four uncovered a bombing plot by a sinister corporation to destroy Star City in order to expand The Glades - a high-tech, gated community that had risen from what was once Star City's worst neighborhood. The bombing plot was stopped, leading to a bolder plan to create an army of cyborg soldiers enhanced by Archer - an artificial intelligence designed by Felicity Smoak 20 years earlier. This plan was also foiled and the season ended with the elder vigilantes of Star City deciding to go into hiding, allowing their proteges to take over the task of saving their city.

CW president Mark Pedowitz has confirmed that a Star City 2040 series is "a possibility, but we haven’t fully had the discussion about that one way or another." This echos comments by Arrow showrunner Beth Schwartz that the team behind Arrow "would love to see them go on in some capacity after the show’s over" but that nothing had been officially planned yet. Still, with the actors who play William Clayton, Mia Smoak and Connor Hawke confirmed as having been signed on for Arrow Season 8, it can be said that their story is not over yet, even if a spin-off show isn't in the pre-production phase yet.

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The Martian Manhunter Mysteries

Supergirl J'onn J'onnz Martian Manhunter David Harewood

J'onn J'onzz, the Martin Manhunter, first appeared in Detective Comics #225 in 1955, with his adventures being fairly straight-forward mysteries with the twist that the detective investigating them was a shape-shifting, telepathic alien. The Arrowverse version of J'onn ignored this legacy through most of the first four seasons of Supergirl. It wasn't until earlier this year that J'onn set up his own business as a licensed private investigator, after retiring from his job as Director of the DEO.

With police procedurals being one of the most popular genres for television series and other comics being adapted into shows where the main character uses their powers to solve mysteries (Lucifer and iZombie come to mind), it's a wonder that more superhero detectives haven't been adapted for the small screen. David Harewood would be more than capable of headlining his own series focused on J'onn's solo adventures defending National City as John Jones, P.I. Even if Supergirl carries on to season 6, it might be time for J'onn to venture out on his own, as the cast of Supergirl is starting to get a bit crowded, with season 5 introducing 2 new regular cast members.

Constantine: Season 2

Constantine Season 2

Despite the best efforts of an avid fanbase, warlock John Constantine's battle with a rising darkness was cut short after 13 episodes when NBC cancelled Constantine. Thankfully this wasn't the end for star Matt Ryan's portrayal of the beloved magical anti-hero. Ryan made a guest appearance on Arrow in season 4, where he helped to save the soul of Sara Lance and went on to become part of the ensemble of Legends of Tomorrow. Ryan has also become the official voice of Constantine for the DC Animated Movie Universe, starring in Justice League Dark and his own solo animated film, Constantine: City of Demons.

Unfortunately, despite Constantine's clear popularity and staying power, CW president Mark Pedowitz has confirmed that there has been no discussion about reviving the Constantine series. Thankfully, he did confirm that Matt Ryan is signed on for Legends of Tomorrow season 5 and that the season's chief villain will be based on a character from the Hellblazer comics, giving John a central role in the year to come. That's sure to please Constantine fans, though some will surely hope to see John's battle with the rising darkness resolved someday. Preferably alongside Swamp Thing, whose own series was cancelled as he was about to face another force described as "a rising darkness."

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Ralph Dibny: Stretchable Sleuth

The Flash Ralph Dibny Elongated Man Hartley Sawyer

Introduced into the cast of The Flash during season 4, Ralph Dibny was a crooked cop whose career was cut short by an idealistic young Barry Allen. Barry would change Ralph's life again when his return from the Speed Force facilitated a release of dark matter that triggered Ralph's metagene, making his body more durable and pliable. Now, fully reformed thanks to Barry's influence and able to shapeshift and stretch his body into any form, Ralph defends Central City alongside The Flash as the ever-loving Elongated Man when he isn't sniffing out new mysteries as a detective for hire.

In the comics, Elongated Man was a supporting player in The Flash comics for several years before gaining his own feature in the Detective Comics anthology book. Season 6 of the Flash seems to be preparing Ralph to become a bit more like his comic book counterpart, with the season 5 finale showing Ralph looking at a case-file involving someone named Dearbon. Comics fans were quick to recognize this as the maiden name of Sue Dibny, Ralph's wife in the comics since her first appearance in The Flash #119. If Ralph is being set up to find love in the coming season, maybe he'll also be poised to move on to a new life outside Central City and a spin-off focused on his own adventures?

The New Adventures Of Lois & Clark

Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) in the Arrowverse

Talk of a Supergirl spin-off focused on Clark Kent and Lois Lane started immediately after Elizabeth Tulloch appeared alongside Tyler Hoechlin's Superman in the 2018 Arrowverse crossover event Elseworlds. The chemistry between the two actors was immediately apparent and comparisons were made to Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder, who played the couple in the original 1978 Superman movie. Both actors are also signed on to reprise their roles in Crisis On Infinite Earths.

Despite rumors that Hoechlin's Superman might sacrifice himself to save all reality as part of Crisis, both he and Tulloch seem to believe that their characters will survive and are agreeable to the idea of a regular series based around Lois and Clark as newlywed parents. Tulloch has spoken repeatedly on the importance of Lois Lane's character and openly expressed support for the fan demand for a spin-off. Hoechlin is similarly positive about the idea, having noted that he hopes to face Jon Cryer's Lex Luthor someday. While the CW has yet to say anything about the idea one way or the other, it is clear that the stars of the potential series are on-board.

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Blue Beetle & Booster Gold

Ted Kord is a billionaire tech genius with more money than sense. Michael Carter is a former college football star from the 25th century, who came back to the past after robbing a museum shortly after a gambling scandal ruined his career. Together, they're superheroes (sort of) and best friends. They are Blue Beetle and Booster Gold.

The possibility of a Blue and Gold television series is a long-shot but simultaneously less unlikely than it might seem. The CW was ready to introduce Ted Kord into the Arrowverse during season 3 of Arrow as Oliver Queen's rival in both big business and the affections of Felicity Smoak. Unfortunately, the rights to Ted Kord were tied up in a potential Blue Beetle movie based around the Jamie Reyes Blue Beetle and the character played by Brandon Routh was reworked into Ray "The Atom" Palmer.

There has also been a lot of discussion about introducing Booster Gold into the Arrowverse, both with Blue Beetle and as a solo character. Executive Producer Geoff Johns said the chances of Booster appearing in The Flash at some point were pretty good and it seems like the goofy, time-traveling hero would be a natural fit for the crew of the Waverider in Legends of Tomorrow. There was even talk of a Booster Gold television series in 2011, before Arrow hit the airwaves.

Unfortunately, it seems that Warner Bros. movie plans may get in the way of the Arrowverse once again, as the first Suicide Squad movie derailed plans for the team in Arrow. WB is still developing a Blue Beetle movie and has reportedly optioned a script for a Booster Gold film. While there's technically nothing stopping them from making movies and TV shows using the same characters, Warner Bros. has been reluctant to present conflicting versions of the same characters in live action in the past. Either way, many hope to see Nathan Fillion as Booster Gold, whether it is on TV or in a feature-length film.

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