10 New Character Additions That Hurt The Arrowverse (And 10 That Saved It)

When it was announced there was going to be a DC comics series turned into a television show that didn't star Superman or Batman, many fans were skeptical. Thankfully Arrow, based upon the crime fighter Green Arrow, proved to be a good bet and quickly became a hit for The CW Television Network after first hitting the airwaves in 2012.

The success of Arrow allowed The CW to expand the universe created in the show and bring more DC characters to life. Two years later, in 2014, The Flash got his own self-titled show and the Arrowverse was off and running.

A year later the animated web series Vixen and live-action TV series Supergirl made a splash in the fictional universe. 2016 saw Legends of Tomorrow become the next big show followed by another web series, Freedom Fighters: The Ray, hitting the internet in 2017. The latest character to feature in the universe is demon hunter Constantine in the animated web series Constantine: City Of Demons. Although he's already starred in his own series for NBC, Constantine has become a constant in the Arrowverse and has been announced as a series regular for the upcoming fourth season of Legends of Tomorrow.

Considering the amount of characters in the DC universe it's no surprise there's been a plethora of new heroes and villains recently introduced in the many different shows making up the Arrowverse. Unfortunately not all of them have had a positive impact.

Here are 10 New Character Additions That Hurt The Arrowverse (And 10 That Saved It).

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20 Hurt - Susan Williams

The love interests of Arrow's Oliver Queen should be strong female characters who make you want to invest in the relationship between the two, but sadly that's not the case with Susan Williams.

The Channel 52 reporter is a rather bland and boring character who at first butts heads with Queen while investigating him, but somehow ends up in his bed and begins a love affair that's neither hot or compelling.

Thankfully their relationship is short-lived and Queen eventually dumps Williams.

While there's a modicum of truth ot Queen's reason for breaking off the romance - he informs Williams it's to keep her safe from harm as those close to him often end up getting hurt - it's more likely Oliver realized his new found partner's about as entertaining as watching paint dry.

19 Saved - Dinah Drake

Arrow Dinah Drake Black Canary Using Canary Cry Juliana Harkavy

Former Police Lieutenant turned vigilante Dinah Drake is a welcome addition to the Arrowverse, making her presence felt during the latest season of Arrow.

After leaving Team Arrow and forming a new group with Vincent Soble, Rene Ramirez, and Curtis Holt, things take a turn for the worse when it's revealed Soble is the masked Vigilante. This adds a new dimension to the relationship between Drake and Soble, and although they seemingly work through this, Soble's passing impacts Drake.

Devastated and seeking revenge, she eventually helps reform Team Arrow with her cohorts and helps take down Ricardo Diaz.

Actress Juliana Harkavy does an impressive job conveying Drake's wide range of emotions and really brings the character to life in the sixth season of Arrow.

18 Hurt - Mon-El

Few characters in the Arrowverse divide fans like Mon-El.

When the escaped prince of Daxam first turns up in season 2 of Supergirl he's as a womanizing, arrogant know-it-all who cares only about himself.

This all changes when he meets Kara. For the first time in his life he's smitten with someone and opens himself up emotionally.

Although he's still a bit of a brat throughout season three Mon-El slowly evolves, creating a fantastic character arc central to the series. Mon-El is torn between his feelings for Kara and his duties as a Legionnaire, and when he finally realizes he and Kara can't be together, it's a poignant moment of the series.

Unfortunately it took so long to get to this point that most fans had already lost interest in the character and don't really care what happens to him.

17 Saved - Ava Sharpe

The great thing about the more recent Arrowverse TV series is that they strive to create complex and emotional characters who experience real life issues, especially when it comes to same-gender relationships. Ava Sharpe's arrival during the third season of Legends of Tomorrow is a welcome spanner in the works.

At first wary of the Legends, over the course of the season Sharpe begins to understand their methods and develops a relationship with Sara Lance that reflects the modern world of same-gender dating.

Sharpe provides an added authority presence. Much of the praise for the character development extends to Jes Macallan, who manages to make Sharpe more human than she really is.

16 Hurt - Lillian Luthor

Supergirl Lillian Luthor

The Luthor name is famous in the DC comic universe but that doesn't mean it always translates well in other media.

Lillian Luthor is the patriarch of the Luthor family but her appearance in Supergirl hasn't won over the fans.

Like most Luthors, she's smart, ruthless, cunning, and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. This even extends to her children, with Lillian manipulating her daughter Lena without worrying about her feelings or what this could do to her reputation. By the end of season two, Lillian has done a complete backflip and tries to reconcile with Lena.

While character development is great, the softening in Lillian's demeanor and sudden change in personality happens too quickly and just doesn't feel right.

15 Saved - Ralph Dibny

The Flash Season 4 Lose Yourself Ralph Dibny

The introduction of Ralph Dibny in season four of The Flash is another welcome addition to the Arrowverse. While some might bemoan Dibny becoming the focus of the latest season, rivalling Wally West for screen time, the character has a terrific arc and is caught up in some fantastic and well-written storylines.

Over the course of the season, he slowly comes to terms with being a superhero, transforming from an arrogant private detective to a selfless costumed hero. Dibny adds another layer to a show that has failed to recapture the glory of previous seasons.

Much of the credit must go to actor Hartley Sawyer, who instills Dibny with charm and really makes you believe he can be one of the good guys.

14 Hurt - Reign

As far as villains go in the Arrowverse, Samantha Aries is one of the few let-downs. The main antagonist of Supergirl season three, Aries had great potential to become one of Kara's best rivals but falls short in many areas.

Discovering her true identity and the powers she is possessed with, the battle between Aries and her monstrous alter ego Reign should have been developed much better earlier in the season. The human side of Aries and her relationships with other characters should have been fleshed out more so when she's faced with Reign taking control audiences feel more sympathy for the character.

What could have been a massive emotional finale is wasted when Sam and Reign become two separate identities.

This weakens Sam's significance as a character and causes audiences to care less about the outcome of the conflict.

13 Saved - Ricardo Diaz

Arrow Ricardo Diaz Kirk Acevedo

Crime bosses are a dime a dozen in comic book adaptations but Ricardo Diaz is particularly menacing and provides a worthy adversary for the Green Arrow.

Ruthless and without morals, Diaz provides a counter balance to Arrow's complex hero and is played wonderfully by renowned character actor Kirk Acevedo.

When Diaz betrays Cayden James and takes over his criminal empire, the  no-nonsense villain whose goal is to make as much money as possible - no matter who he has to cross - got fans excited.

Unlike previous baddies, who have been driven by their ego or the destruction of mankind, Diaz's main goal is power and control, making him far less of a cartoon villain.

Although things don't go to plan for Diaz and he ends up in prison, it doesn't feel like his story is over just yet.

12 Hurt - Nora West-Allen

The daughter of Barry West and Iris West, Nora West-Allen is named after her deceased grandmother, but has yet to play a huge role in The Flash.

She's only appears in a handful of episodes and has been criminally underused.

While you can argue her small cameos are leading up to a big event set to take place in season five (she finally admits who she is to her parents in the season four finale, stating she's made "a big, big mistake") her screen time hasn't been used effectively. She's been wasted with small walk-on scenes that have done nothing to endear her character to fans.

Hopefully she plays a larger role in the next season as the actress who plays her, Jessica Parker Kennedy, is fantastic and a standout in pirate drama Black Sails.

11 Saved - Maggie Sawyer

Police Detective Maggie Sawyer is mainly introduced as the lover of Alex Danvers but quickly grows into her own. Played terrifically by Floriana Lima, Sawyer becomes an integral part of the cast as she helps Danvers come out to her family and embrace the person she is.

Although the relationship between the two has its problems, it's a well-written pairing, with Lima conveying Sawyer's thoughts and feelings wonderfully.

The character has grown tremendously over the course of a season and a half. While she doesn't feature as often in season three, here's hoping she returns soon and can be part of some of the major storylines going forward.

10 Hurt - Zari Tomaz

Arriving on the scene during the third season of Legends of Tomorrow, Zari Tomaz is a gifted computer hacker and time traveler who also possess the Air Totem, one of the famous Six Lost Totems of Zambesi.

Still mourning the loss of her brother and seemingly jaded from all the time-travel she's experienced, Tomaz comes across as quite cynical and sarcastic. She's often blunt and finds it hard to relate to her superhero brethren, taking until the end of the season to become fully comfortable with her role in the team.

The low-key portrayal of the character from actress Tala Ashe is slightly off-putting.

While there's a lot to like about the character of Tomaz, she hasn't quite captured fans' attention just yet.

9 Saved - Lena Luthor

The Luthor clan is seemingly endless with the arrival of Lena Luthor, another thorn in the side of Supergirl. But in a surprising twist she and Kara are great friends in the Arrowverse, only heightening the anticipation for when she discovers the true identity of Supergirl.

What makes Lena such an asset to the series is not only Katie McGrath's portrayal of the young billionaire CEO, but the writing that has shaped her ever-evolving character. When introduced during season 2, she is an ally of Kara's, but as the show progresses she's become more morally dubious with her decision-making and looks set to go down a dark path.

If scripted well this rivalry could be as great as Superman and Lex Luthor and help make Supergirl the premium Arrowverse show.

8 Hurt - Mallus

On paper, Mallus sounds like a worthy foe for the Legends to come up against. A primordial time demon who can travel through dimensions and possess anyone he comes in contact with to fulfil his evil plans, Mallus could have been someone great in the Arrowverse.

Instead he's barely sighted throughout the third season of Legends of Tomorrow and is more or less a cardboard villain whose motives are never clear.

When he's finally revealed in his true demonic state, he's a horribly constructed CGI nightmare.

The best thing Mallus does is recruit his own team of assorted baddies to help carry out his plans, with Damien Darhk, his daughter Nora, and Kuasa providing much more entertainment.

7 Saved - Rene Ramirez

Rick Gonzalez as Wild Dog in Arrow

A member of Team Arrow, Rene Ramirez brings some spunk to the Arrowverse thanks to actor Rick Gonzalez. As the troubled vigilante Wild Dog, Gonzalez portrays a tough-as-nails ex-Navy Seal who's not afraid to get his hands dirty.

Along with being a tough guy, Ramirez also has a soft touch. His love for his daughter is unbreakable and brilliantly represented by Gonzalez's acting. It's heartbreaking to see Ramirez struggle through a custody battle and his plight brings another emotional element to the series.

Ramirez also has to deal with the fallout of betraying Green Arrow, eventually showing his humility by asking for forgiveness and rejoining Team Arrow to help defeat Ricardo Diaz.

6 Hurt - Morgan Edge

Real estate mogul and criminal entrepreneur Morgan Edge fails in his bid to be a credible bad guy in season three of Supergirl. Despite being a brilliant businessman who will stop at nothing to get what he wants, it doesn't take long for Edge's dodgy schemes to be found out.

His attempted assassination of Lena Luthor is another disastrous decision that leads to Edge being caught by Supergirl and being imprisoned.

For a guy who's supposed to be extremely smart and business savvy, he lacks any skill as a criminal and deserves never to be seen again.

This is a shame because Adrain Pasdar is a tremendous actor, but even he can't make Edge intriguing enough for viewers to care about. The worst part is Edge comes across as a poor man's Lex Luthor.

5 Saved - Clifford DeVoe

The Flash Season 4 Therefore I Am Clifford Marlize Devoe

The Flash hit a plateau with season four but one of the clear highlights is the emergence of Clifford DeVoe. The criminal mastermind nicknamed The Thinker is a true test for The Flash, using his intelligence and incredible knowledge of Barry Allen to stop the fastest man on earth in his tracks.

Not only is he different from the usual Speedster villain The Flash faces, but DeVoe is given a tragic background that's explored in depth, allowing a small amount of empathy.

DeVoe's relationship with his estranged wife and partner-in-rime Marlize is also another great angle. The dynamic between the two amazing to watch, thanks to the tremendous acting from Neil Sandilands and Kim Engelbrecht.

4 Hurt - Cayden James

Season six of Arrow is an unusual watch, combining the best and worst elements seen across the franchise. If the revelation of Ricardo Diaz being the true mastermind behind events in season six is excitingly fresh, than the initial bad guy Cayden James is a true disappointment.

James is a familiar stereotype of the genius hacker seen in many shows and movies.

Although Michael Emerson is a superb actor, the script lets him down and turns James into a generic villain who fails to standout.

When Diaz is revealed as the one who terminated James' son, it's a massive shock, but things get even better when Diaz takes out James and becomes the primary antagonist.

3 Saved - Imra Adreen

Imra Adreen could be relegated to a background character but thanks to some crafty writing and some fantastic acting from Amy Jackson, she becomes a central character during the third season of Supergirl.

Her relationship with ger husband Mon-El and Supergirl is complicated, with Adreen having to deal with the romantic feelings between the two. Instead of turning into a jealous wife, Adreen is portrayed as a caring and supportive woman who admires Supergirl despite the relationship between her and Mon-El.

Even though she eventually leaves Mon-El, realizing the two can't keep a marriage together based on politics and not love, Ardeen is all class throughout the season.

2 Hurt - Rory Regan

Season five of Arrow finds our intrepid hero Oliver Queen bringing in reinforcements for Team Arrow, including the vigilante known as Rory Regan. Unfortunately for poor old Regan, he's often overshadowed by his larger than life counterparts, especially the testosterone-fueled Rene Ramirez.

Because of this we never really get a great insight into his character and he becomes more like background dressing. The writers obviously felt the same, as Regan doesn't even last the entire season. He's written out of the show after losing his powers.

It's quite a shame as Regan has the potential to be an interesting member of the team.

Hopefully he will discover his powers and get another chance in the Arrowverse.

1 Saved - Brainiac 5

A genius scientist and inventor who goes by the alias Brainiac 5, Querl Dox is shaping up as many fans new favourite character in the Arrowverse.

Despite only featuring in a handful of episodes, Dox plays a major part in helping Kara defeat Reign during the third season of Supergirl. An interesting character with his blue skin, white hair, and quirky personality, Dox gives the show a vibrancy that's been missing from some of Supergirl's minor characters.

While his screen time is limited, Dox is set to feature heavily in the coming fourth season of the show, seemingly replacing Winn Schott, who has become a bit of a drag.


Who's your favorite newer charccter in the Arrowverse? Let us know in the comments!

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