First Official Look At Arrowverse's Monitor Reveals Full Costume

The first official look of The Monitor in the Arrowverse has been revealed and it shows the iconic DC character’s full costume. The Monitor first appeared in the pages of the comics in 1985. The Monitor was introduced as a part of the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline which (temporarily) merged all of the DC multiverse’s dimensions into one shared reality.

It’s unknown what part the Arrowverse’s Monitor will play in the TV universe or the crossover. However Designated Survivor alum LaMonica Garrett has been cast to play the alien character and he’ll make his debut in the “Elseworlds” crossover. The Monitor has been previously glimpsed in set photos but the first official look gives off a more threatening and intimidating impression.

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The official look at The Monitor comes courtesy of EW. In addition to unveiling the character and his very trippy (but comic-accurate) look, there was also a small interview, which gives some, but not much context, to the role The Monitor will be playing in the crossover event. According to The Flash star Grant Gustin, The Monitor is a bit of a terror:

LaMonica was ridiculous, like seeing him in his suit, he’s just a monster. He’s like an absolute unit. He doesn’t have to do a lot with his performance. He’s so intimidating with just these subtleties, so that’s dope.

Even in the first still image, it's easy to see the imposing figure that Gustin is describing. The Arrowverse's Monitor has the same high-collar futuristic battle suit of his comic counterpart, but he also seems to be much more overtly threatening. In the comics, The Monitor is a heroic or at least morally neutral character. He informs the various heroes of the DC Universe that their entire multiverse might be destroyed and works with them to destroy his "brother" and exact opposite The Anti-Monitor. It's a battle that The Monitor doesn't win and his ultimate purpose in the comics is to be more of an exposition device. The first official look at The Monitor and Gustin's comments suggest that in the Arrowverse the character will have a more active and slightly antagonistic role in "Elseworlds."

The inclusion of The Monitor and the background of his first look also hints at some of the mysterious story details about the crossover event. The Earth or an Earth-like planet can be seen breaking apart behind The Monitor in the sneak peek. This suggests that the event might somewhat adapt the Crisis on Infinite Earths storyline. The Arrowverse has hinted at Crisis before, mainly on The Flash. We already know that "Elseworlds" will deal with the Arrowverse's multiverse in a significant way. At a minimum, there will be three versions of Barry Allen and Oliver Queen running around in "Elseworlds" between their original Earth-1 versions, an alternate dimension version where the actors swap characters and as The Trigger Twins. Stephen Amell and Gustin likely aren't the only actors playing brand-new characters. Perhaps "Elseworlds" will bring all the worlds of the multiverse into conflict, similar to Crisis on Infinite Earths, to see all of them merged by the event's ending.

The event will introduce Batwoman and Gotham City into the Arrowverse. Perhaps the biggest and most logical way to introduce Batwoman (as she has never been mentioned before) is for her to arrive from a different Earth alongside The Monitor. The Arrowverse could also always use "Elseworlds" to blend the worlds of Supergirl on Earth-38 with The Flash and Arrow's Earth-1 into a single Earth. Ending "Elseworlds" with Supergirl, Green Arrow, The Flash and Batwoman in the exact same universe would be an exciting and smart move and The Monitor's introduction is a very strong step in that direction.

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Source: EW

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