Arrowverse: 10 Other Justice League Characters Who Still Need To Properly Show Up

For almost eight years now, The CW has been the home of Greg Berlanti’s massive Arrowverse franchise bringing several iconic heroes and villains to life. Through the six ongoing shows from Arrow, that started it all, to the latest entry with Batwoman. The network is not stopping anytime soon as Warner Bros. TV is developing Superman and Lois as well as Green Arrow and the Canaries for the next TV season. It’s easy to lose count on how many legendary DC heroes have made it to the small screen. When it comes to the Justice League presence in the Arrowverse, the majority of members have appeared. But there are several big ones we’ve yet to see in the flesh.

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With Crisis on Infinite Earths setting up the next chapter of the Arrowverse, anything is possible in 2020. It’s unlikely that every single missing Justice League member would get their own show in the coming years. Some of them are currently leading their own franchises on the big screen for Warner Bros.’ film division. However, to have them established in some capacity in The CW’s ongoing DC TV universe should be more possible. With that said, these are the ten Justice League characters we still need to properly show up in the Arrowverse.

10 Booster Gold

With Legends of Tomorrow introducing Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) in the start of the series, we have yet to meet his father. Many may not know that in the comic lore, Rip is the son of Michael Jon Carter a.k.a. Booster Gold.

Despite a Booster Gold film having been in the works for years, it has yet to happen. A character like Booster needs to be utilized more in the live-action properties and the Arrowverse is a place that could benefit from a Justice League member like him.

9 Shazam

Zachary Levi’s Shazam! became a massive hit for the DC film brand earlier this year. While a sequel is in the works, it remains to be seen how soon it will until he returns to the big screen. After one of the recent episodes of The Flash this season, it has been hinted that Shazam may exist in the Arrowverse.

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Even if his debut on TV would have to be built up, seeing a hero like Shazam make it into the Arrowverse would be a welcomed change. With Shazam actually being a young teenager with the power to become this legend, his energy would be a blast to see with the other characters.

8 Cyborg

It remains to be seen if Ray Fisher’s Cyborg ever makes another appearance on the big screen following Justice League in 2017. With no recent updates on DC's Cyborg film, Victor Stone is currently active on DC Universe’s Doom Patrol with Joivan Wade portraying the hero.

While it’s unlikely that Wade would reprise the role on The CW, it shouldn’t prevent the Arrowverse from eventually introducing a Cyborg for their universe. Even if he would appear every once in a while; it would be proper to know that he is out there on Earth-1.

7 Aquaman

Jason Momoa is currently portraying the King of Atlantis in the Aquaman franchise. It’s hard to imagine that The CW would ever have Arthur Curry appear on the current shows in a frequent capacity. However, the sequel isn’t coming out until 2022.

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In a deleted The Flash season one scene, Aquaman was hinted at when Joe (Jesse L. Martin) mentioned how Barry (Grant Gustin) had investigated a case where a man could talk to fish. It shouldn’t hurt to have the Arrowverse introduce Arthur at some point to establish his existence and have him pop up every now and then.

6 Green Lantern

The Arrowverse has enjoyed its many teases to the Green Lantern mythology for years. Arrow even went as far as almost showing Hal Jordan in a season four flashback sequence. From Ferris Air being mentioned several times on Arrow and The Flash to the teases of John Diggle (David Ramsey) being a Green Lantern on another Earth, there has been a lot of foreshadowing. HBO Max is currently developing a Green Lantern series produced by Greg Berlanti, while the status of the Green Lantern Corps film is unknown.

Regardless, the Arrowverse still deserves to get a proper introduction to one of the Lanterns. Whether it is through Diggle or any of the other famous people to have worn the ring, the Emerald Knight needs to debut at some point.

5 Zatanna

With the many strong female heroes that exist in the Arrowverse, there is always room for more. While we have plenty of meta-humans and aliens, there has only been a handful of magic-based characters. With John Constantine (Matt Ryan) being the only one around at the moment, there are many DC heroes with magic that we have yet to see.

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One of them is Zatanna Zatara, a major fan-favorite who hasn’t been in live-action since Smallville, played by Serinda Swan. With Zatanna not being used in an upcoming DC movie or show on other platforms, there is no reason why the Arrowverse shouldn’t bring her in in the near future.

4 Mera

If Aquaman ever were to make it into the Arrowverse, you got to bring in Mera as well. Amber Heard’s version in Aquaman made it clear that she is a phenomenal character who needs to be used more.

If the Arrowverse can use Aquaman, it would be hard to imagine them not being able to bring in Mera as well. The last time Mera appeared in live-action on the small screen was in the final season of Smallville, played by Elena Satine.

3 Blue Beetle

Similarly to Green Lantern, Ted Kord has been name-dropped on Arrow and The Flash but never seen. The same can be said for Kord Industries, as his company keeps popping up every now and then. Brandon Routh was cast initially as Ted before they changed it to Ray Palmer/The Atom.

Despite DC having “other plans” for the character that prevented Routh from portraying him, Ted has not appeared on the big or small screen since that casting. At this point, it would be ridiculous if TPTB still weren’t allowed to bring in Ted for even one episode. With the Blue Beetle mythology being as rich as it is, it would be a perfect fit for the Arrowverse.

2 Batman

We know Bruce Wayne exists on Earth-1 as well as that he is Batman and has been missing for over three years. Even if we saw him in a flashback in the Batwoman pilot, it’s not a proper Batman appearance. The same can be said for Kevin Conroy’s upcoming appearance as an old Bruce in the Crisis crossover.

What the Arrowverse at this point deserves is to see a proper Batman in the present time show up. Even if Robert Pattinson’s upcoming The Batman prevents DC TV from including Batman regularly, Arrowverse still deserves to have a Batman in a small capacity. If Batwoman goes on for several seasons, at some point Bruce has to return and address where he has been.

1 Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is returning to the big screen next year in Wonder Woman 1984. As of this fall, Batwoman confirmed that Wonder Woman officially exists and is somewhere on Earth-1. There have been glimpses of Themyscira through Legends of Tomorrow.

With the many strong heroines that exist in the Arrowverse, at some point we would love for Diana to show up and join her fellow female heroes. Even if they could only use Diana for an episode or two per year, that would still be a big deal for the Arrowverse. Similarly to the other heroes mentioned, it would be rewarding to know what Diana is up to on Earth-1, especially after the coming crossover.

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