17 Crazy Arrowverse Fan Theories That Were Actually True

The Arrowverse is a collection of DC shows (Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl) airing on the CW. Since 2012, when Arrow first premiered fans have had a million and one theories about the landscape of the show. Is Batman running around on Earth-1? Was Superboy part of the Legion of Superheroes? Themyscria exists, but does Wonder Woman? Over the course of all the individual series, the theories have only grown.

At times, they can be pretty crazy like the whole Gotham is a Supergirl prequel one. Sometimes, however, theories do come true on these shows. Sure, some of them are just so obvious that fans could see it happening a mile away. Other times, however, theories born from wishes and dreams do actually come true. It just takes some patience and the writers catching up to what the fans are seeing. Mostly, they don’t always get there, but sometimes they are in total agreement.

With that in mind, it’s not time to look at the Arrowverse theories that aren’t crazy enough to make sense later down the line. No, it’s time to look at those theories that actually became true. Some of them were ridiculously obvious at the time, but others fall into the second ‘wishes and dreams’ category. Here are the 17 Crazy Arrowverse Fan Theroies That Turned Out To Be True.

This also contains spoilers for Supergirl season three, the season four finale of The Flash, and the season six finale of Arrow.

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Jessica Parker Kennedy The Flash Barrys Daughter Nora Allen
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17 Mystery Girl Is Barry And Iris’ Future Child

Jessica Parker Kennedy The Flash Barrys Daughter Nora Allen

Since Mystery Girl (Jessica Parker Kennedy) made her first appearance on “Crisis on Earth-X, Part One” at Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris’ (Candice Patton) doomed wedding, fans all pretty much agreed that she was going to be their future child. There was no room for doubt on it, like ever. Everyone knew that Kennedy was going to play Dawn Allen, sister of Donald and aunt to Bart. The creatives, however, threw a curveball by saying that Kennedy isn’t playing Dawn, which baffled fans. Many continued to stick to the theory. It made too much sense not to.

In the final moments of the season four finale of the show, Kennedy finally introduced herself to the entirety of Team Flash. It turns out that she wasn’t playing Dawn Allen, she was Nora West-Allen, Barry and Iris’ child from the future. It was semantics in regard to the name, but, given their characters, it made sense for them to name her Nora.

Now we have the confirmation that fans have been desperately craving. The real question is: how exactly she screwed up the timeline and why didn’t Barry tell her the importance of not messing with the timeline?! If an evil version of Nora shows up during season five and we all have to relive Savitar, then we’re going to revolt.

16 Tommy Merlyn’s Arrowverse Return 

Ever since Tommy Merlyn (Colin Donnell) passed back in season one of Arrow, fans have been theorizing as to his return. Was he going to take over the Dark Archer persona? Resurrection by the Lazarus Pit? Return in a multiverse counterpart? There was even a small group of fans that believed that Prometheus was going to be Tommy. All of the theories, however, had one thing in common: Tommy was going to return. We were going to see Donnell as him again.

They were right. Kind of. During the 2017-2018 television season, Tommy Merlyn made his Arrowverse return twice. The biggest surprise was during the "Crisis On Earth-X" crossover event. Merlyn returned as Prometheus-X in one of the most shocking appearances of the special. Of course, then he passed in the same episode he appeared in. Fans did get the taste of Tommy Merlyn back on the shows.

Later in the season during the Arrow episode "Docket No. 11-19-41-73", Merlyn returned to confess that he was the Green Arrow. Or so audiences thought it was Tommy Merlyn returned. Instead, it was Christopher Chance aka the Human Target (Wil Traval) to help throw suspicion off Oliver being the Green Arrow. It may have worked too except everyone involved had been bought off.

15 Mon-El Went To The Future

At the end of Supergirl’s second season finale, fans saw Mon-El (Chris Wood) leave Earth following Kara detonating a special lead bomb that targeted Daxamites. As Mon-El piloted the pod into space, the final minutes saw him enter some kind of portal. It led to many fans theorizing that Mon-El had gone to the future.

In comics, the character was part of the Legion of Superheroes who are situated in the 31st century, so it made sense that the show would incorporate time travel at this point.

For the first six episodes of the third season, the creatives stubbornly kept quiet on the fate of Mon-El. In episode seven “Wake Up”, it was confirmed that Mon-El was alive and did go to the future. He also, however, spent seven years in the future and had gotten married in the interim. Granted, it felt like the show wanted to do more with the time travel plot then it ended up doing. Hopefully in the future seasons, it would be nice to see Supergirl go to the 31st century. Given the prevalence of time travel as a plot device on other shows, Legends of Tomorrow and The Flash, it would make sense if Supergirl kept the timeline relatively unharmed on Earth-38.

14 Guardian Will Appear

Supergirl James Olsen Guardian Cadmus

We’ll never entirely what kind of plots had to change when Supergirl moved from CBS to the CW. Something that did seem a bit unexpected in the move was James Olsen’s (Mehcad Brooks) adaptation of the heroic identity. Not that we hate it, we just wish it had been built up a bit more before he suddenly went vigilante. Fans, however, have been theorizing the character’s appearance in the show since season one.

In the season one episode, “Manhunter”, fans were introduced to Marine Colonel James Harper (Eddie McClintock). One of the holders of the Guardian name is James Harper, so fans thought that they were getting introduced to the character. It turned out not to be the case in this episode. This James Harper was an anti-alien, CADMUS supporter who was cruel and vindictive. His only legacy to the show was introducing the concept of CADMUS to the audience, which was originally supposed to be a government organization. Even that changed in season two when it became a terrorist faction led by Lillian Luthor (Brenda Lee Strong).

Even though James Harper didn’t turn out to be as heroic as his comic book counterpart, James Olsen became Guardian. The hero did make it onto the show. So we’ll call this theory like half-right.

13 Savitar Is Barry Allen

This one was another of those pretty obvious ones for the audience. During season three of The Flash, the central question was Savitar’s identity. There were theories that continuously popped up: Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell) or Eddie Thawne (Rick Cosnett). The top contender for theorists, however, was that Savitar is an evil future version of Barry Allen. Given between how well Savitar knows what Team Flash was planning next and future Barry’s warnings in the Invasion! crossover, it made the most sense.

When evil Barry’s identity was revealed with only few episodes left in season three, fans were annoyed.

It was partly because they waited so long to confirm a theory that was so, so obvious to fans. The main reason was that the Savitar reveal, that it was an evil time remnant of Barry Allen from the future, wasn’t really explored. It could have been a cool concept with Barry confronting his own inner darkness. Instead, nothing was really explored and Savitar turned out to be a pretty big bust as a villain.

Granted, the writers pretty much said that they were scrambling to figure out who Savitar was themselves. In the future, if you have a mystery villain, know who he’s going to be first. Please.

12 Cat Grant Knows Kara Is Supergirl

Cat Grant Returning for Supergirl Season 2 Finale

Anyone else missing Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) in Supergirl’s third season? Sure, she’s living her best life as the White House Press Secretary for President Lynda Carter, but we really miss her witticisms. Throughout season one, it looked like that Cat Grant was going to take a Lois Lane-ish place in the show. We’re sure that much like her rival, Grant would hate the comparison. Not as a love interest that constantly gets into danger, but as someone who is unaware of Kara’s dual life. Or was she really that unaware?

In the season one episode “Hostile Takeover”, it appeared that Cat had figured out Kara’s identity as Supergirl. The following episode “Blood Bonds” really took the concept to new heights with Cat asking Kara questions and thinking that Kara should quit her job for the greater good. In the closing of the episode, J’onn J’onzz (David Harewood) took Kara’s Supergirl form in order to convince Cat otherwise. With Calista Flockhart leaving the show in season two with the production moving to Canada, it looked like she would never know.

Or was she just faking? Fans believed and theorized that Cat just faked her belief in the double Supergirl strategy. In the season two finale, it was confirmed with Cat referring to Kara as Supergirl.

11 Roy Harper’s Return

Colton Haynes’ Roy Harper holds a vital place on Arrow. He was the first sidekick to Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) and something felt missing when Haynes left. Granted, we’re glad he did for the sake of his physical and mental health. Hopefully, he’s back in a good headspace now. Still fans have held out hope to see Roy Harper back in Star City in the near future (Let’s not even touch the hope that they’re going to do the whole Clone Roy thing. It’s an entire story on its own merits).

While he made a brief guest appearance in season four, fans were more excited to see Roy’s two-episode arc return in season six. The hope was that it would lead to Haynes returning to show the full-time. When it was announced that he was returning in season seven as a series regular, the internet rejoiced. It definitely confirmed the theory that Roy couldn’t stay away forever. It does, however, come with the price of Willa Holland leaving the show. Meaning that the Thea/Roy feels will always remain so very, very out of reach for fans.

Hopefully, however, the show can capture that something special that so very, very many vigilantes have tried to recapture.

10 Connor Hawke’s Existence

Connor Hawke Legends of Tomorrow

Connor Hawke is one of those characters that people just seem to really like. The illegitimate son of Oliver Queen in comics, Connor was known for his zen-like calm in addition to his skill with the bow. Granted growing up in an ashram could do that to a kid. In addition to his physical skills, Connor had some clairvoyance and a healing factor. A lot of people tend to be a fan of Connor, though he hasn’t really appeared much in recent years in comics. Needless to say, there was the hope that he would appear in the Arrowverse.

Appear he did. During the first season of Legends of Tomorrow, Connor Hawke, aka John Diggle Jr (Joseph David-Jones), appears in the episodes “Fail Safe” and “Star City 2046”. While he doesn’t have his zen-like calm, he did take over the Green Arrow role from Oliver Queen after Ollie lost his arm. It was revealed that Barry’s Flashpoint timeline led to John’s birth in the repaired timeline. Connor’s story was also added in with William Clayton (Jack Moore) who is Oliver’s son.

We suppose that this mean that the theory is true two times over? Though we have to admit that we hope to see Hawke reappear in the near future. He was pretty amazing in his Legends appearance.

9 The Black Flash

Legends of Tomorrow Black Flash Return

Barry Allen has dealt with a lot of speedsters over the years. One that fans always theorized would show up is the Black Flash. Considered to be Death for speedsters, he’s a character that proves that even the Fastest Man Alive can’t outrun the inevitability of death. It turns out that the Black Flash was hiding inside of another character the whole time.

When Zoom (Teddy Sears) is taken by the Time Wraiths for his crimes against the timeline after Barry defeated him in the season two finale of The Flash, he was made into Black Flash.

Since being made into the Black Flash, he’s appeared on Legends of Tomorrow where he chases down the time remnants of Eobard Thawne (Tom Cavanagh/Matt Letscher) who is trying to outrun his own existence being erased. He also appeared on the season three finale of The Flash to kill Savitar. It didn’t work because Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker) took him out before he did the deed. Kudos for Killer Frost, she lived up to her name by killing a version of Death. That takes some serious guts.

Black Flash hasn’t appeared since then. Who knows if a new incarnation will appear? In comics, Barry Allen has been made into the Black Flash. We got to admit that would definitely be way more interesting if done better than the whole Savitar storyline.

8 Citizen Cold’s Appearance 

Ever since Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) first appeared on The Flash, he has been a huge and enduring fan favorite. Pretty much since his first appearances, fans have been hoping that he would take up the Citizen Cold moniker. In the comics, Citizen Cold is the heroic version of the good Captain, appearing in the Flashpoint comic storyline. How Captain Cold would become Citizen Cold, however, was up for debate with the fans.

Some theorized that it would occur on Legends of Tomorrow or when The Flash did its own version of “Flashpoint”. Others believed that it was going to come in the form of an alternate universe. As it turns out, the ones who believed the alternate universe theory won the pot. Miller appeared as Citizen Cold in the Crisis On Earth-X crossover event, who was so different, yet so similar to his Earth-1 counterpart. He even stuck around for several episodes on both Legends and The Flash.

Now Miller has said that his appearances as Citizen Cold are the final ones that will be him as any version of Leonard Snart. In the season four episode “Fury Rogue”, however, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) gave him an interdimensional extrapolator. So maybe goodbye won’t be forever? We can live in hope.

7 Oliver’s Dual Life Reveal Will Stick 

Oliver Queen is Green Arrow Channel 52 Arrow Season Six Fallout

Oliver Queen has been “unmasked” as the Hood/Arrow/Green Arrow so many times at this point that it practically feels like a running gag on Arrow. As most fans believed, sooner or later, the reveal was going to stick. It just had to at some point. By season six, it was getting a bit ridiculous. With a rigger trial and the Human Target, however, it looked like Oliver may have been okay for another year.

Then, however, in order to protect his family and to stop Diaz (Kirk Acevedo), Oliver agrees to come clean with FBI agent Samantha Watson (Sydelle Noel) about his vigilante activities and to serve jail time. They are able to take back the city, Oliver is revealed as the Green Arrow, and is currently serving his time in Slabside Maximum Security Prison. With this, it looks like that Oliver has been officially unmasked in the Arrowverse and will remain so.

Of course, this theory could be debunked in season seven of Arrow. Given the weight and the very real consequences from the action, however, it looks like this one won’t be taken back. The only real question is between this and Barry doing time on The Flash, what is it with the Arrowverse writers and putting their characters in prison this year?

6 Flashpoint’s Timeline Repercussions

Flashpoint Comic TV Season 3

Flashpoint is one of the storylines that changed the DC Comics Universe forever. It led to the creation of the New 52 storyline, which changed comics canon after that (If it was for better or worse, then that’s up to you). Needless to say when Barry Allen hurtles back in time and set about the Arrowverse’s version of the story, fans were expecting some major repercussions.

Unsurprisingly, the biggest repercussions were on The Flash itself. It was contained to keep the fans who only watched one of the shows not feeling like their show was changed too much based on something that they didn’t watch, but there were still repercussions. Not only did the changes of the timeline release Savitar and attracte the Dominators, it also left Cisco’s brother gone, Caitlin with her Killer Frost powers, and Diggle’s (David Ramsey) daughter Sara into a son, John Jr. The fact that the Flashpoint Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale) had powers made the regular one vulnerable to manipulations to get his own.

The repercussions to the timeline were pretty great and definitely permanent. Although, as we learned, the whole Killer Frost activation was probably not Barry’s fault.

Even though Flashpoint has ended, it looks like the lesson didn’t stick with Barry and Iris’ daughter.

5 Krypton Lives (Or Part Of It Does)

An essential part of the origins of Superman is that Krypton died and, mostly, stayed dead. Now with the existence of Supergirl and his famous villain General Zod, the death of Krypton seems to remain with the planet rather than the people. It got so ridiculous that at several points in comics canon, there had to be a sort of Kryptonian reset to make Superman the last of his kind. In Supergirl, however, fans have been theorizing that not all of Krypton was dead or that more people from Krypton would show up in the show. Or, perhaps, that Krypton survived on Earth-1 and that’s why Superman/Supergirl don’t exist on that Earth.

In the Supergirl episode “Dark Side of the Moon”, Kara and Mon-El track down the rock of the goddess Yuda Kal as a way to return Reign (Odette Annable) back to her Sam self. When they arrive where the rock is being kept, they learn that a portion of Krypton survived who are led by Alura In-Ze (Erica Durance), Kara’s mother. We’re certain that won’t make for any awkward reunions, except when it does. Time will tell how big of a part this information will play in the show, but it definitely does put a twist on things.

4 John Constantine In The Arrowverse

While NBC was quick to axe the short-lived solo Constantine series, fans were hoping that Matt Ryan’s take on everyone’s favorite anti-hero warlock would make the jump over to the CW. Or, when the show was on, that there would be a potential crossover in its future. If metas and Lazarus pits could exist in the Arrowverse, then why couldn’t Johnny boy? The theory was that Constantine does exist in the Arrowverse, whether or not the events of his show happened, however, is a different story. The basic backstory has stayed the same despite the jump of networks: soul damned to hell, Astra, and the rest.

Following the cancellation of Constantine, the warlock appeared in the fourth season of Arrow for one episode.

Fans rejoiced and believed that the one-episode appearance would turn into something more. Thankfully, it did with Constantine appearing in Legends of Tomorrow as both a guest-star and, in season four, a main character. It looks like that Constantine survived death again, after his TV show was cancelled. Plus we get more Matt Ryan in the role, which is always a good thing in the fans opinions. We are holding out to see more of punk Constantine.

3 Sara Lance’s Resurrection  

Arrow Sara Lance Evil Chained

In the opening episodes of Arrow season three, Thea Queen takes out Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) and ripped out the heart of fans the world over. Immediately, theories begin to hit the Internet about how Sara would be resurrected from this fate. It’s a superhero show after all, as people pass on and come back all the time. A lot of people online felt that Sara’s exit was unfair to an amazing character who had earned her redemption.

When it was revealed that Sara would come back, headlining her own television show with Legends Of Tomorrow, everyone was delighted. It was a pretty quick turnaround of the confirmation of Sara’s return to the series. How would it happen though? Well her body was resurrected by the Lazarus Pits and John Constantine helped Oliver and Laurel (Katie Cassidy) save her soul. Out of all the resurrections on the Arrowverse, Sara’s was one of the most anticipated and theorized amongst the fans. It was also pretty celebrated. Now she’s the leader of a time ship, kicking major butt all the while.

Ultimately, this is definitely a theory that everyone is glad was true. Now, who else can they bring back to life? It can be anyone.

2 The Legion of Superheroes Exists

Way back in the Supergirl season one episode “Solitude”, Kara and James visited the titular and legendary Fortress of Solitude. For a brief moment, the flight ring from the Legion of Superheroes were seen. Now, at the time, this could have been a fun nod to the comics canon that Superboy (Superman’s younger self) was a member of the Legion during his teenage years. It also led fans to speculate that the Legion would be making an appearance in future episodes of Supergirl.

With Mon-El’s appearance on the show, fan theories amped up even more as he originally starts in the past and ends up in the future in the comics as well. When he went he through the portal at the end of season two, everyone felt like it was all but confirmed. During his reappearance in “Wake Up” and the ninth episode “Reign”, the existence of the Legion was definitely confirmed. In the Arrowverse, Mon-El and others help establish the Legion and recruit members. Legion members Imra/Saturn Girl (Amy Jackson) and Brainiac-5 (Jesse Rath) have been featured on the series.

Hopefully, even though the Legion has returned to the future, we’ll see further appearances from the team. Still, it was so satisfying for the official confirmation that they exist.

1 Gotham Will Appear In The Arrowverse

The Arrowverse has been teasing the existence of Gotham City, Bruce Wayne, and other assorted parts of the mythos for years. If Gotham wasn’t already a series on FOX, then we bet that the Berlanti crew would have made it for the CW. Frustratingly, however, any visits to the legendary city hasn’t occurred in the world of the shows. It hasn’t stopped fans for talking, looking for Easter Eggs, and theorizing the heck out of Gotham’s existence in the Arrowverse (along with that of a certain Bat).

During the CW’s 2018-2019 Upfronts for the upcoming television season, Stephen Amell announced that Gotham was going to be the focus of next year’s crossover. More importantly, however, Batwoman would be making her live-action debut in the crossover. Batwoman is definitely some amazing firepower to have in your corner.

Now we don’t know if any other assorted Bat-characters would be making their own Arrowverse appearances. We definitely wouldn’t be against seeing Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) become BFFs with Barbara Gordon. Still the fact that this long held fan theory is finally coming true? It’s the definitely the best feeling in the world. This crossover will be one for the books.


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