Arrowverse: 15 Crazy Fan Redesigns Way Better Than The Shows

For many fans, the Arrowverse has created the definitive live-action versions of more than a few characters. There have been a few major missteps but the Arrowverse has consistently taken the impossible world of comic book and translated it to live-action. Even on a modest TV budget, Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow look incredibly impressive.

As fun and entertaining as the Arrowverse can be, there is a universal problem. The costumes often leave a lot to be desired. While The CW can keep with the movies in a lot of respects, the outfits always feel like they’re struggling to measure up.

This is where the world of fan redesigns can enter the picture. The designs fans come up with may not always be logical or even possible, whether because of budgetary concerns or other factors. Still, the Arrowverse fandom is full of people who have taken their passion to the next level and have designed costumes that rival and eclipse those seen on the show.

With a few of these redesigns, it’s obvious that they could never actually happen. Photoshopping, after all, doesn’t really have budget. For the most part, the TV shows did the best they possibly could given their resources. However, that doesn’t make these designs any less fun to imagine as real.

Here are the 15 Crazy Fan Redesigns of the Arrowverse That Are Way Better Than The Shows

15 Wildcat

Arrow’s Wildcat is one of the show’s most disappointing adaptations. There was nothing really wrong with J.R. Ramirez’ performance or how he entered the show.

Even if Wildcat was way younger and hunkier than the comic version, he should train Black Canary. It’s just that Arrow did hardly anything with Wildcat, including a superhero outfit. The most Wildcat got as a costume was a ski mask and leather jacket.

Simply by existing, this redesign by Deviant Art user TrickArrowDesigns is superior. Yet beyond just that, actual effort went into designing a costume. This Wildcat design hits the perfect balance.

It would be perfectly at home in the Arrowverse and its “realistic” approach to costumes. It also honors the more campy comic design, especially with the helmet. Even if the ears look very familiar to Marvel's Dardevil's horns.

14 White Canary

The White Canary might be a trained (time-traveling) assassin in the Arrowverse, but she doesn’t do much to hide her identity. Even though Caity Lotz’ Sara Lance has been described as a ninja multiple times, her costume couldn’t be more obvious. While Canary’s outfit is not only white as pure show, it usually ends up being just a corset and pants.

The redesign by DigitalCrow doesn’t radically change the outfit. Honestly, the obnoxious design does fit Sara’s character. However, it does add a very simple mask that does wonders to make Sara feel more like an assassin.

It helps the White Canary feel more tied into the League of Assassins. The current costume has almost no League touches. A mask would be simple way to connect the two pieces of Sara, especially since Nyssa al Ghul wears a very similar "identity concealer."

13 Captain Cold

Captain Cold, as Wentworth Miller plays him, is one of the more outrageous characters in the Arrowverse. Miller is campy and over-the-top to a nearly insane degree but somehow it works.

Cold’s costume is the opposite of his personality, pun very much intended. Throughout the many versions of Captain Cold, the outfit has stayed the same-- it’s a blue parka.

This design by UncannyKnack fixes the Cold outfit’s bland problem. Obviously inspired by the New 52 visions of the character (which gave him actual super powers), the costume is bursting with personality.

It’s much more colorful than the version the Arrowverse actually went with, which is oddly muted for such a loud character.The ice creeping up Cold’s arms is likely something that the show couldn’t have maintained. It makes sense that powerless Leonard Snart would want his arms covered as well.

Still, this makes for a more striking image.

12 The Thinker

The Thinker has quickly become one of Barry Allen’s most formidable and entertaining foes. The Flash picked the perfect main baddie to get out of their rut of speedster villains with Clifford DeVoe. Of course, that being said, The Thinker’s original look was rather ridiculous. It was faithful to the source material, but it didn’t translate particularly well to live-action.

The Thinker in his chair was very blue, very weird, and very much like a cheap Power Rangers villain. This design by UncannyKnack feels like the far better version. In concept, it looks far more impressive (and expensive) than the version that made it to The Flash.

This DeVoe also feels more incorporated to the chair. The best change is that the suit is much more muted in color. It feels far more realistic and modern than the actual design which sort of overloaded on saturated tones.

11 Count Vertigo

Twice, Arrow has tried to make the classic villain Count Vertigo work. Twice, they have failed to make an impression. The first Vertigo, played by Seth Gabel, was painfully over-the-top. The second, Peter Stormare, was painfully boring, having a cool accent and nothing else.

This concept for the character, created by TrickArrowDesigns, aims to remedy the second Count. The look gives Vertigo much more a flashy and impressive vibe. It feels much more in line with the comics, as a that character is an actual count. Rather than both Arrow versions who just went from grimy drug dealers and gangsters.

It’s possible that this design, if real, would’ve been too much. It could’ve been distracting and too fantasy-like for Arrow but it certainly wouldn’t have been forgettable, since forgettable is something that the actual character was for most fans.

10 Speedy

Thea Queen’s time as Speedy on Arrow was very brief. The character decided quickly that her best use as a support for her brother was out of costume, not in one. It’s the right move for Thea’s character for a lot of reasons. One of the minor ones is that her Speedy suit was very underwhelming.

Rather than giving Thea anything of her own-- in both lore and in appearance-- her Speedy suit was just a redesigned Arsenal costume. Roy Harper passed the mantle on literally. Besides giving Thea a more plunging neckline, no changes were made.

Fan IronAvenger1234 decided to do more with Thea, mocking up Willa Holland in two outfits. The first of which resembles Tigress from Young Justice and the other Mia Dearden’s Speedy outfit from the comics. There’s not many creative liberties taken with either, but it does show a bit more initiative than the Arrow design.

9 Guardian

The Supergirl version of James Olsen, who has turned into the vigilante Guardian, isn’t exactly beloved by fans. This holds true for both Jimmy Olsen and Guardian fans.

Love or hate him, Supergirl’s Guardian is rather boring looking. It’s little more than a suit of gray armor, which does make sense as Guardian fights crime mostly at night but it’s still not a fun design.

Yet, with just a few strokes of color, Guardian transforms into something much more engaging. Twitter user, ImaginativeHobbyist, took Supergirl’s Guardian and added the same coloring the character has in the comics.

The dashes of gold completely change the outfit, as does the change from steel coloring to a more navy blue. It's remarkable and wildly optimistic in comparison.

The more comic book faithful coloring probably wouldn't make James a better character. It would certainly make him less drab.

8 Heatwave

Mick Rory falls into the exact same camp as Captain Cold. He’s a cartoonishly fun character that has a completely boring costume. Since Mick joined the Waverider, his wardrobe has increased slightly.

Yet, when Heat Wave started out in the Arrowverse, he looked like a bum. Mick wore noting but a tattered and burned brown jumpsuit. It fit his character of a scummy firebug criminal, but it was very ugly.

TrickArrowDesigns went for a more comic book conventional look for Heat Wave. The look mixes together Mick Rory’s looks from the Silver Age and Modern Age of comics into a much more colorful look than the Arrowverse managed.

In addition, the look just feels more at home in the Arrowverse than Mick’s original outfit. Colorful padded leather just works for the universe in a way that disgusting brown rags did not.

7 Savitar

Though he styled himself as the “God of Speed,” Savitar was a huge flop for The Flash. An alternate evil version of Barry Allen wasn’t enough of an emotional threat for the series. Savitar was unimpressive out of his gigantic suit. Even inside the suit, it felt like the villain was overcompensating.

This is the primary reason why DigitalCrow’s vision of Savitar seems like the more appealing (and formidable) version. The cumbersome suit is streamlined, particularly around the torso.

It no longer looks quite so unwieldy and like a knock-off Transformer. There’s also an effort to make the man underneath look like he could conceivably fill out the suit. Grant Gustin was, sadly, completely consumed by the Savitar outfit.

It’s just a look but it already seems like a more promising version than what The Flash delivered in their season 3 baddie.

6 Anarky

Anarky was a very minor Arrow season 4 villain. Luckily, the show managed to do a lot with very little concerning Lonnie Machin. Actor Alexander Calvert did a great job making Anarky as creepy and unhinged as possible.

Sadly, the same effort wasn’t put into giving Anarky a distinctive look. Arrow’s Anarky wore a hoodie and sometimes a flesh mask to cover his face. There was nothing else to it.

DigitalCrow decided to give Anarky a proper mask. It’s not only accurate to the comics, but it also looks appropriately disturbing. The mask gives Anarky a bit of horror movie vibe, which would’ve greatly enhanced his threat factor as a villain.

More than just make a scary character that much more unsettling the mask also would’ve worked better for Anarky’s function. He was meant to represent chaos and movement. However, with the design of the character and performance, Anarky ended up feeling too personal.

5 Kid Flash

The Kid Flash suit on The Flash isn't terribly designed. It manages to keep elements of Barry Allen’s suit, while still providing something unique. The costume is very similar to the comic too.

The one downside, and it’s a major one, is that the colors are very off-putting. The bright yellow that works on the comic book page just feels rather gross on-screen.

This recoloring (and slight redesign) by DCMediaverse ends up being much more appeasing. It takes the color scheme from the New 52’s redesign of an older Wally West and just ends up looking much better on Keiynan Lonsdale.

The yellow coloring of Kid Flash’s current suit is incredibly reminiscent of mustard. It doesn't mesh well with Lonsdale’s skin tone (or anyone’s skin tone) at all. The silver, red, and black look much sleeker and cooler for an older “Kid” Flash.

4 Mr. Terrific

It was always going to be a tall order for Arrow to pull off Mr. Terrific. Even in the comics, the hero’s costume isn’t much more than “T” being plastered onto his face.

Arrow tried to make Terrific seem realistic, but the end result is still very, very silly. The only way that Arrow has made Echo Kellum’s look believable is to have every character make fun of it constantly.

BossLogic’s version of Terrific look is far superior. It proves Arrow was on the right track, but things just look a little too cheap in the show’s version. Here the “T” feels more like a mask, not face paint. The red eyes make Curtis look way less goofy too, and even the futuristic headphones are a nice touch.

Arrow was close, but this fan design is definitely way better.

3 Atom

The Arrowverse has taken a lot of liberties with Ray Palmer. He’s less the character from the comics and more a mix of DC’s Blue Beetle and Marvel’s Iron Man (who can shrink).

This follows with Ray’s suit, which is very mechanical, bulky ,and unlike anything the Atom wears in the comic. The under-suit onesie that Ray wears beneath the armor is closer to Atom than anything covering it.

TrickArrowDesigns obviously agrees and came up with an Atom suit that splits the difference. It’s half Ray’s under armor onesie and half the exoskeleton suit. The result is a much more comic faithful design that feels streamlined and more interesting.

The current Atom suit feels like entirely too much. It might be the most expensive outfit in the Arrowverse but also the most unnecessary. Simple is superior in this case.

2 Deathstorm

There’s been a handful of lazy costume designs in the Arrowverse. Few were as uninspired as the first Firestorm look, which was futuristic device planted onto an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog outfit.

Yet, even that was more interesting than the evil version of the costume for Earth-2 Ronnie Raymond, aka Deathstorm. Deathstorm was the exact same boring outfit but just in all black.

In their design, BossLogic made Deathstorm look like a completely different character. The skull, the fire, and everything else is far more impressive. Most importantly, his evil nature was underlined with more than a black color scheme.

Granted, it’s way more impressive and expensive than anything The Flash could’ve achieved. There’s no way the show would’ve blown their whole budget on one minor villain. Nevertheless, this Deathstorm is one that could’ve truly inspired terror.

1 Black Canary

It’s impractical but, by far, the most iconic part of Black Canary’s outfit is the fishnets. The female vigilante has been through several versions and redesigns in the comics, but she almost always has fishnets. Arrow has had three Black Canary versions, and so far, and none of them have been given fishnets.

This design posted by reddit user, HeemHsn, looks to correct that problem for Laurel Lance. The fishnets are obviously the biggest addition but there’s also smaller changes.

Splashes of gold are spread throughout the outfit that make it feel more fun and alive. Love or hate her, the Laurel version of Black Canary did always feel vaguely suffocated in her outfit.

This is loud, proud, and more than a little bit insane. However, that’s what you want from a superhero show, and it’s definitely what you need from Black Canary.


How do you feel about these Arrowverse redesigns? Do you actually prefer these to the looks that appeared in the shows? Sound off in the comments!

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