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The DC superheroes of the Arrowverse are ready to fight in the upcoming fall TV season. Although it has yet to begin, the 2018-2019 season of The CW's superhero shows has some high ambitions. Oliver Queen will begin the season behind bars and badly beaten, and Tyler Hoechlin's Superman will be returning as well as introducing Lois Lane. Most notably, however, Ruby Rose is playing Batwoman in the 2018 crossover, with the chance that she could headline her very own series.

With the new seasons quickly approaching, all kinds of details and first looks are starting to come out, especially following the first trailer debuts at San Diego Comic-Con last month. Most recently, The CW gave the best look yet at Barry Allen's new Flash suit, which is more comic accurate than the ones he's had before. And going more comic accurate is something Stephen Amell plans to do with his new look on Arrow this season. Now, a new trailer gives fans even more to look forward to.

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The new trailer comes directly from The CW's official YouTube page. The launch of the next year of the Arrowverse is little over a month away, so there's no time like the present to get excited about the return of everyone's favorite televised superheroes. The Arrowverse will be bigger than ever in 2018, with five shows airing concurrently. That means there is plenty to dissect and obsess over in the trailer, which can be viewed below.

With so many shows being teased, there are a lot of split second moments that are worth further review. There's a quick shot of unicorn that almost certainly belongs to Legends of Tomorrow, as the wackiest of The CW's offerings will have an intense focus on magic in season 4. It also looks like there will be some weapons of mass destruction and an aggressive Kara in Supergirl season 4, which will be inspired by Superman: Red Son. There's not a whole lot of new Flash footage, but Barry Allen's more comic accurate super suit is on full display.

The shows that are spotlighted the most are Black Lightning, which is technically not a part of the Arrowverse, and Arrow. This is probably because both shows fit very nicely into the trailer's central message, which is about superheroes diving headfirst into the action. Both Oliver Queen and Jefferson Pierce seem like they'll be fighting for their lives in their respective seasons. Black Lightning and his crew will be facing a whole new set of challenges, because superheroes are much more in the public eye following the events of season 1.

Meanwhile, Arrow isn't shrinking at all from the harsh realities of Oliver in prison. Oliver's own difficulties in jail have been widely reported. According to the trailer, though, Oliver Queen won't be the only Arrow character having some trouble. Oliver's new wife, Felicity Smoak, can be seen with serious facial wounds and telling Oliver to "fight back." Now that Oliver has been unmasked as the Green Arrow, even his loved ones aren't safe. If the trailer is openly teasing Felicity being attacked, fans should prepare for the Arrowverse not to pull any punches in the upcoming season.

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The Arrowverse will begin with The Flash season 5 on October 9, followed by Black Lightning season 2 on October 9, Supergirl season 4 on October 14, Arrow season 7 on October 15, and Legends of Tomorrow season 4 on October 22.

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