Every Reveal From The Arrowverse Elseworlds Crossover Set Photos

Arrowverse Crossover Elseworlds Photos

A lot of spoilers for this year's Arrowverse crossover, Elseworlds, have been revealed by set photos. Now that filming has has wrapped, here's everything we've learned. DCTV's annual event takes place in December with ArrowThe Flash, and Supergirl all joining up (while DC's Legends of Tomorrow sits it out). The overarching narrative will be told in three parts, one a night in an episode of each of the involved CW series.

Very little has been confirmed about this year's Arrowverse crossover event. The big selling point, of course, is that it will introduce audiences to Ruby Rose as Kate Kane aka. Batwoman before she gets her own series. To confuse things further, the narrative implication of the title Elseworlds from DC comics, it's been confirmed that the events of the crossover will actually fit into the established continuity making the upcoming special all the more intriguing.

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But the Arrowverse production has revealed quite a lot of key details, with Elseworlds set photos spotlighting twists on familiar characters, a taste of new villains, and a lot, lot more. Here's everything we saw.

Black Suit Superman

Arrowverse Elseworlds Tyler Hoechlin Superman Black Suit Cropped

Tyler Hoechlin wearing the infamous Superman black suit from the comics was initially revealed in a social media post by Stephen Amell. Taken in-between takes, the snap features Amell and Grant Gustin in their civilian clothes laughing with Hoechlin sporting the full dark ensemble. A few days after, fans get to see a closer look at the black Superman suit thanks to leaked images from the set of Elseworlds highlighting the details on the armor.

It's no secret that the DCEU was planning on spotlighting Superman's black suit - made famous by The Death of Superman arc in the comics - first in Justice League, but it was ultimately cut as part of Joss Whedon's reshoots. While Henry Cavill never really got the chance to sport it on the big screen, a deleted scene from the film gave fans a glimpse of what the suit for the film looks like. Now, DC fans will get their first live-action interpretation of the dark suit in action thanks to Elseworlds.

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Black Suit Superman Is A Villain

Black Superman Elseworlds

That wasn't the most interesting Superman photo from the Elseworld's set, however. The alternative costume led to much speculation about a darker version of the Arrowverse Superman, something set photos backed up, showing two versions of the Man of Steel - a heroic one wearing his standard colors and his evil counterpart. Further driving the point was dark Superman having Flash on a tight headlock while Green Arrow, Supergirl and classic Superman seemingly ready to take him on.

It's unclear how two versions of Superman will come about in Elseworlds but based on this specific image, it looks like they will be two separate individuals who will co-exist, presumably from different universes. This makes the evil version's origin more intriguing considering that the crossover already has a couple of bad guys in its lineup.

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Arrow And Flash Have A Costume Swap

Getting ahead of these very set leaks, one of the first pieces of marketing relating to Elseworlds was a poster featuring Gustin wearing the Green Arrow suit while Amell dons the Flash costume. As expected, not long after that, a slew of set images made their way online offering people their full looks at the two actors wearing their hero-swapped suits. Seeing Oliver and Barry with switched out costumes takes a bit of getting used to (especially since Amell looked uncomfortable in the Scarlet Speedster's armor), but it teases a very different hero dynamic in this crossover.

Whether this is from a timeline rewrite or a specific alternate universe where Barry and Oliver swapped roles is unclear. Considering this was the first official look at the Arrowverse crossover, though, it's safe to say that this will play a significant factor in how things pan out in Elseworlds.

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John Wesley Shipp Wears His 1990s Flash Suit

Arguably the most delightful surprise that has yet to come out from Elseworlds set photos was the reveal of John Wesley Shipp donning his suit from the 1990s The Flash TV show. The actor has been a part of The CW's The Flash since 2014, playing Barry's father, Henry Allen. Despite this, fans continued to hope that they'd eventually allow him to reprise the role one way or another. Audiences got closer to that dream when it was revealed that one of his characters from an alternate reality is the original comic book version of the Scarlet Speedster, Jay Garrick.

Shipp is once again suiting up as the Scarlet Speedster as seen in photos from the set of Elseworlds, although it's unknown if he's just reprising his role as Jay or an alternate version of Barry. Taking the nostalgia factor up a notch is the fact that he's donning the same suit design from his '90s TV series, which still holds up in terms of aesthetic - to the point that some are arguing that it's even better and cooler looking than The CW's current Flash costume.

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