Arrowverse Elseworlds Crossover Image: Batwoman Stops A Prison Break

Kate Kane aka. Batwoman (Ruby Rose) uses her Bat-gadgets to stop a prison break in the latest image from the Arrowverse Elseworlds crossover. The TV event includes Arrow, The Flash, and Supergirl, and takes place over the course of three nights in early December.

In the years since Stephen Amell's Oliver Queen and Grant Gustin's Barry Allen teamed up for the first Arrowverse crossover (between Arrow and The Flash), The CW's annual DCTV crossover events have further incorporated Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and the Legends of Tomorrow into the mix. While the Legends are sitting out this year's Elseworlds (but are still having a "crossover" of their own), there will be plenty of other characters to fill their spot. Most notably, Elseworlds will include appearances by Tyler Hoechlin's Superman from Supergirl and, most excitingly of all, Rose in her small screen debut as Batwoman.

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EW has exclusively unveiled a fresh image of Batwoman in Elseworlds, ahead of the crossover airing next month. The photo comes from Kate Kane's introduction in the crossover's middle Arrow episode, as Oliver, Barry, and Kara Danvers - aka. Supergirl - make their way to Gotham City in an effort to find Arkham Asylum Dr. John Deegan (Jeremy Davies). While there, they cross paths with Batwoman as she uses her Bat-tools (namely, her grapple hook and Batarang) to stop a pair of Arkham inmates from escaping the prison. You can check the Batwoman image out in the space below.

The EW report also includes quotes from Rose where she reiterates how proud she is to play an openly-gay superhero in the Arrowverse, and talks a bit about what Kate Kane is like (and how she changes, when she puts on the Batwoman costume):

“She is more fun because she’s a billionaire, she has ladies that love her. I think, for the most part crossover-wise, she’s swaggy. She always knew who she was, but she’s really coming into knowing who she is in the crossover, and with [the more stoic] Batwoman as well. It’s not the first time she’s put on the suit.”

More than anything, Kate's appearance in Elseworld serves as a teaser for the Batwoman solo TV series that Caroline Dries (The Vampire Diaries) is currently developing for The CW's Arrowverse. The DCTV franchise's cast and creatives seem pretty confident that Rose's performance will leave fans wanting to see more of her superhero character once Elsworlds is over, and with fair reason. Rose has generally managed to leave an impression with her more substantial movie roles in the past, most notably her turn as the mute assassin Ares in John Wick: Chapter 2. So long as she follows suit in Elseworlds, one imagines that Rose's Batwoman will get a whole hour to herself in 2019's Arrowverse crossover (after her solo show is up and running).

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Elseworlds begins with The Flash on Sunday, December 9, then Arrow on Monday, December 10, and ends with Supergirl on Tuesday, December 11. All episodes air at 8pm.

Source: EW

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