Arrowverse Heroes Invade Earth-X in Part 2 Trailer

The promo for the second half of 'Crisis on Earth-X' has been released. This year's annual November Arrowverse crossover has begun, with the Supergirl and Arrow episodes having aired. Various characters from Supergirl, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow showed up in Central City for the wedding of Barry and Iris. Only part way through the ceremony the wedding was attacked by Nazis from Earth-X - the black sheep world of the multiverse. And leading the team were evil versions of Oliver, Kara, and Tommy Merlyn, plus Earth-1's Reverse Flash.

Even with the team-up of heroes from all four of the Arrowverse shows, the villains from Earth-X eventually won, capturing the heroes as well as S.T.A.R. Labs and splitting the teams up. While Felicity and Iris are currently free, they're hiding in S.T.A.R. Labs trying to help their friends. At the lab, the Earth-Xers have captured half of Team Arrow, Heat Wave, Killer Frost, and Harry. Supergirl has been separated from her friends, as it's her that the villains came to Earth-1 for in the first place. And as for Ollie, Barry, Sara, Martin, Jax, and Alex, they are no longer on Earth-1 at all.

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With the episodes of Flash and Legends of Tomorrow concluding the story, The CW released a promo for the second half of 'Crisis on Earth-X' - seen above - and it looks like the rest of the story will be just as exciting as the first, with some of Arrowverse's best heroes now on Earth-X.

One of the most exciting things this promo promises is that some of the characters who have not yet appeared will be showing up soon. Or if not the characters we know, their Earth-X counterparts. Some, such as Leonard Snart, have been highly anticipated. Others have remained under the radar in the weeks building up to the crossover, including one who the trailer features strongly - a Nazi version of Quentin Lance who appears to be in charge of the camp where the heroes are imprisoned.

While not much of the story is revealed in the trailer, there is one event clearly happening: an execution. It is not clear who is about to be executed in the trailer, but the possibilities are endless. As the Arrowverse has demonstrated many times before - and in the first half of the crossover with the Earth-X Tommy Merlyn - the multiverse allows for alternate versions of the show's beloved characters to die without making any major cast changes.

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'Crisis on Earth-X' will conclude with The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow on the CW November 28, starting at 8 pm.

Source: The CW

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